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Notre Dame is Burning :(
Apr 15th 2019 8:44pm
Yup, just saw it, I found it funny at the beginning, but when that pointy tower crumbled and fell down I just lost it and started laughing my arse off XD
Apr 15th 2019 8:44pm
It's a shame as it was a nice building though.
Apr 15th 2019 10:34pm
Yes, its Tragicomic
Apr 16th 2019 7:16am
Indeed. :D I mean imagine if it happened by accident, how much does one person need to trip and demolish on his way down to make an entire cathedral burn down, what a pope tripped and started rolling down and pushing every candle in the way? Or someone forgot to put off some fire? Or imagine if it's on purpose, which it probably is. Like what kind of a dude just goes and burns a cathedral? "You know life is nice, but you know what would make it great? Burning Notre Dame!" or if he is a sad person "Life sucks, let me burn a church to feel better!" :D And all other possible scenarios that are going through my head :D
Apr 16th 2019 10:49am
With the donation of 300 million euros you can continue imagining funny stories. hahahaha
Apr 16th 2019 10:50am
"Life sucks, let me burn a church to feel better!" :D
Apr 16th 2019 10:56am
I doubt it's on purpose tbh, seems to be reasonable enough that something to do with the construction started it. No idea why the richest religious organisation in the world needs donations to fix it, mind.
Apr 16th 2019 2:19pm
Pff the church always needs donations. God loves you and always needs MONEY! He is all-powerful, almighty, all-knowing, all-wise, all-good, omnipotent, but he just can't handle money! He needs your money! :D Churches take in billions a year and pay no taxes and all because they until this day, in the 21st century have tons of people convinced that there is an invisible man in the sky who watches you from the sky and has a list of 10 things you must not do, and if you do any of them, he will send you into a pit where you will be tortured, burned, mutilated in constant agony for the rest of eternity... but... He loves you!? :D
Apr 16th 2019 2:43pm
Well that's comforting to know at least
Apr 16th 2019 7:39pm
This really sucks, the place was a real beaty. Two French billionaires already donated a total of 339 million dollars. Oh, btw, the whole "Life sucks, let me burn a church to feel better!" actually happened in my city a few years back, some young bloke burned an old church and now sits on a 6,3 million euro debt for repairs.
Apr 16th 2019 10:33pm
Religion is quite enjoyable as a historical cultural element. It is also a pity the works of art that have been burned inside. Regardless of whether the world is rotten.
Apr 17th 2019 7:06am
Yeah, I love the effects it has on culture... oh wait I don't... People blindly believing everything someone of abstract authority or status is telling them(why do you think marketing is so successful?), not thinking for their own, shunning education, knowledge and science... Dumbing down to removing all curiosity and interest to find the answer. Turning people into brain dead, soul dead, obedient conformists... yeah great... On top of that religion set back technology advancements and discoveries at least 1000 years back...
Apr 17th 2019 7:07am
But hey there is a positive, since religion is the leading cause of death historically and a big factor even till this day, we are not overpopulated as we would have been, at least religion is good for exodus, genocide, gigadeaths, mutilations and everything nice? :D Actually, on second thought we are overpopulated due to religion, because only an ignorant society would control the growth and size of their populous... nvm... Also, religion shunned art too, and books... so if you like the current historical artwork, it would have been much better without religion too...
Apr 17th 2019 8:15am
@psychoman Personally I am an atheist, so I can share much of what you say. Likewise, if I put your premises at the epicenter of a historical context, I do not know a development of the humankind without religion. Nor do I know her without fire. Perhaps in hypotheses or videogames by Peter Molineux, but never in this reality. Its so easy to give present solutions to issues of the past. If I had to bet, I would put all my money so that if we did 100 development tests, religion would be involved. Religion is a great tool of control. How not to use it from the paleolithic to modernity?
Apr 17th 2019 8:15am
Neither you nor I have existed in all those historical processes, but at least we have the fortune to live in a period where we can overcome that obscurantism in favor of reason. So yes, I agree that we must see what are the great weaknesses of religion and extirpate them as adults of our societies. But I repeat that that does not take away everything good (and not only in art) that religions have had throughout history. It is never black and white.
Apr 17th 2019 8:19am
To be a democrat in the south of Spain is to hold "holy week" these days, that my country and my region be known for that. People with whom I do not share my ideas take the streets for a week to walk statues. I laugh when it rains. But eradicating that or bullfighting (basically financing them "the party") is a theme that must be achieved in democracy by changing laws, not burning churches.
Apr 17th 2019 8:24am
And taking up the theme, progression and evolution consists of that, improving things that are wrong. I doubt much that the humanity can get to be atheist but it happens before by a stage of belief in God. "Thank God" the Catholic Church has not been as weak as today in any previous historical period.
Apr 17th 2019 8:28am
Over $ 700 Million Raised for Notre Dame Cathedral. If that's not funny ...
Apr 17th 2019 8:57am
Oh, I'm NOT in support for burning churches or any other building for that as burning a meaningless building to prove a point or just for kicks is well meaningless, while I do find architecture pleasing, and I like how some buildings look(I mean most people would because our brain loves patterns, depth and such), I just don't care for them at all :D
Apr 17th 2019 8:58am
Damn and I can guess that not even half of that mony is needed to rebuild it, the church or whoever is in charge will get plenty rich XD
Apr 17th 2019 1:14pm
Apr 17th 2019 2:59pm
Also I bet those billionaires will be tax free for while too xd
Apr 17th 2019 6:43pm
Someone is financing the Church or a political party in our face and also deduct taxes. Shameful.