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Yay new PC problem! As I was playing Overwatch my pc powered off and now doesn't turn on! The lights and the fans are working and everything but it doesnt even POST. In the beginning the Dram led was on continuously so I changed the ram slot positions and it went away but still no boot. So far tried: Reseating everything besides the cpu. Changing the PSU connectors. Reseating the CMOS battery. Typing this on my phone...
Apr 16th 2019 4:19pm
Update: Removed everything and left only the cpu, ram and mobo connected and the pc booted to Bios. If I connect the gpu the pc still doesnt boot like previously. Could it be a psu issue or 100% a gpu issue? The lights on the gpu do light up when I power on the pc...
Apr 16th 2019 4:42pm
Can you borrow an other gpu for testing? If it works with an other gpu then it is the problem.
Apr 16th 2019 5:45pm
try posting off the igpu if not seems like a psu or maybe the motherboard?
Apr 16th 2019 8:36pm
Update 2: I went with my PC to a friend... Put his GTX 660 into my PC and it booted. Put mine in his, no display. I think the GPU is officially dead. And now I'm left with Intel HD graphics and a thinner wallet.
Apr 17th 2019 9:49am
You could try baking your GPU to revive it for a short time, if you're up for it.