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RIP RX 480 2016-2019.
Apr 16th 2019 9:36pm
Apr 16th 2019 10:44pm
Apr 17th 2019 1:19am
Apr 17th 2019 9:44am
What killed it?
Apr 17th 2019 9:51am
Bt why ?
Apr 17th 2019 10:37am
I was playing overwatch as I did normally and then the pc just shut off. Then I powered on my PC and it didn't boot or anything.
Apr 17th 2019 2:29pm
tryed igpu to make sure that it is bec of gpu?
Apr 17th 2019 3:06pm
Well yeah of course; otherwise I wouldn't jump into such a conclusion.
Apr 17th 2019 3:11pm
warranty ?
Apr 17th 2019 5:23pm
It's a 2 year warranty and I bought it in 2016 sadly :(
Apr 17th 2019 6:25pm
damn! sad for you. I had my AMD card burnt years ago in 1.5+ years . Though it was due to overvolatge and my display(TV) burnt too
Apr 18th 2019 3:20am
Hope it didn't take any other parts with it. Hope your next card last even longer.
Apr 18th 2019 5:05pm
@yiannis2000 What specific brand was your gpu?
Apr 19th 2019 6:26am
I am very sorry to hear that. I went through something very similar not too long ago with my RX 460 Sapphire Nitro. Now I am worried about my hubbies RX 480 Sapphire Nitro+ 8GB
Apr 20th 2019 9:04am
My friend has the same Sapphire Nitro +8GB. From what I heard he hasn't been gaming much lately and the card is holding up nicely.
Apr 20th 2019 9:47am
Yep I have the exact same card
Apr 21st 2019 9:42am
@yiannis2000 You plan on baking the GPU?
Apr 21st 2019 3:44pm
and when you bake it
Apr 22nd 2019 7:06am
I don't think so lol I will try to have it repaired some other way though
Apr 22nd 2019 5:36pm
Wish you luck in that pursuit.