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These are crazy from Ubisoft. While at EA Origins I have free games from 20 years ago, Ubisoft is determined to give me games of this generation. I have AC Black Flag, Ac Unity, Watch Dogs and for Honor for free.
Apr 17th 2019 6:08pm
I guess you're trying to say that Ubisoft is giving away a game free ? I haven't been following the news. Which one is it ?
Apr 17th 2019 6:36pm
AssassinĀ“s Creed Unity for Notre Dame Catastrophe.
Apr 17th 2019 9:17pm
I too have free games from ubi that are damn new :D
Apr 18th 2019 2:08pm
Might have to start another catastrophe for more free games... "The pyramids collapsed?! I guess Assassin's Creed Origins is getting given out for free now."
Apr 18th 2019 10:11pm
@RapidRav Now Pyramids, next Parthenon