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I'm ranked up to lv.9, guys! Finally! :D
Apr 18th 2019 2:54pm
Apr 18th 2019 3:05pm
Apr 18th 2019 5:00pm
Apr 18th 2019 7:14pm
Welcome to the club
Apr 18th 2019 11:19pm
Took you long enough lol
Apr 21st 2019 11:31am
Thanks you very much guys, all of you. I'm really meant it. :D @ItsTheGamerEdit123 Yeah, no kidding, took me a year and a half to jump from 8 to this.
Apr 21st 2019 11:13pm
Apr 22nd 2019 7:43am
oof indeed.
Apr 24th 2019 6:30am
used to be alot easier in the past to level up. The site was more interactive
Apr 24th 2019 7:51am
Well I can see the site has a lot of stuffs to do, I'm just a lazy-ass gamer with carefree attitude.
Apr 24th 2019 8:19pm
just submit settings and save/config location of games like i did but now 145k for next level nah i am good at 27
Apr 25th 2019 7:55am
Thanks. will look into it.