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Any good headphones ( with mic ) for gaming under 60eur / 70$ ?
Apr 20th 2019 12:48am
check out hyperX series near you
Apr 20th 2019 2:43am
HyperX Cloud should be around that price
Apr 20th 2019 8:41am
Turtle beach X12's should be around that price as well
Apr 20th 2019 9:18am
May i ask, why do you need headset with mic? why not separate cheap mic and decent headphones?
Apr 20th 2019 10:06am
Turtlebeach Earforce x12
Apr 20th 2019 11:45am
@gerulis20 i hate having anything in front of me when playing ( i now have a cheap table mic that only gets in the way )
Apr 20th 2019 11:45am
@gearmaster95 and @locknloadeire Turtlebeach is not available in my country at all
Apr 20th 2019 11:49am
I've been using Edifier K800 for over a year now, it's very cheap but the sound and mic quality are pretty good, can highly recommend.
Apr 20th 2019 11:50am
How about Logitech G430 whould they be any good ??
Apr 20th 2019 4:06pm
@Andrej997 very interesting, personally i hate headsets, since i got hyperx cloud2 i detached my mic almost instantly. I hate that i can visually see it, also it gets in a way when im drinking beverage or eating. Also for few exceptions headsets are overpriced and poorer quality than proper headphones. I use this mic attached to my headphone cable( ).
Apr 20th 2019 4:10pm
@Andrej997 My cloud II is really good headset, many claim it to be the best headset with its exceptional value. However my next buy will be proper headphones maybe beyerdynamic dt 990 or senheiser 558 or something like that, im done with headsets. Its interesting that someone prefers headsets over heaphones but well to each of their own :)
Apr 20th 2019 6:36pm
Cloud stinger is good, g430 are nice too but with a worse mic and not so great materials, if stinger is not available or is expensive, then arctics 3, hs50 or g430 should be 2nd choice
Apr 21st 2019 2:24pm
the Void Pro USB is fantastic audio wise with enough fiddling to reduce the excess reverb (boost the mid range in CUE), the Dolby Surround is a gigantic step and has changed my gaming experience. However, I can't speak for the microphone quality
Apr 23rd 2019 4:00pm
corsair HS50. I am saving up to buy a headphone. Cloud Alpha is my choice. If i cant wait and buy under budget then HS50 will be my only option. (choice are based on reading 100+ reviews about 20+ headphones. i didn't use these headphones)
Apr 23rd 2019 8:26pm
Just don't get Cloud Stinger as they suck (sound quality is not quite up to standard)... My Cloud II are 3x better but more expensive... Also, stay away from Roccat products.
Apr 24th 2019 6:22am
I'm using the Corsair HS60 with no complaints
Apr 24th 2019 2:44pm
In my country the HS60 cost less than the HS50 xD but i will be testing them in a week so i will judge them by that
Apr 24th 2019 2:45pm