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and i just finished dmc5 and i enjoyed playing as V, Dante was good only for dialogue and Nero oh well.. i was disapointed with first 16 missions but i realy liked last 4 even tho the end was a little stupid(not gona spoil why), i still feel sad as this is the end.. for brother that is no one sayed that this is the last dmc game but still it will be like having a doom without doomguy
Apr 21st 2019 3:05am
I absolutely hated playing as Nero as well (I seriously preferred his devil bringer arm in 4) and always chose someone else if given the option. I enjoyed V, but I loved Dante the most personally due to his weapons.
Apr 21st 2019 6:16am
i am not big combo seeker so i just 1 weapon in my case that bike, V is simpler to play thats why i liked it more + i like that goth feel from him
Apr 21st 2019 10:23am
Bruh You like one weapon using and yet you prefer Dante's playstyle over Nero's? O_O What didn't you like about the first 16 mission? I personally think the lack of puzzles and platforming was a bit disappointing, but otherwise, they are very good.
Apr 21st 2019 3:39pm
i sayed i preffered V, as for Dante and Nero are similar but Dante has much more powerfull attacks like bike and that hat(mr/dr faust) and that super demon trigger, whiile Nero has almost nothing, and about those first 16missions idk they just felt boring(maby bec all of the trailers showed you almost whole story and whats going on and that is why i preffer CGI trailers they give hype but dont reveal much sadly most of the triles in the last time are gameplay) and just when i thouth that dmc5 will bore me to death starts all the fights with Vergil whos i am not a fan but i love how they made conclusion of the serie even tho it was a little stupid bec(spoiler, kind of) they needed to get bitch slaps to stop fighting and Vergil was like ok no more killing just like that
Apr 21st 2019 4:33pm
Well you have to know the previous game's and manga/comic/novel stories. Vergil is not bad per say, he is just the opposite of Dante. Both want to destroy demons, but Vergil is clinging to his demonic power and is trying to get demonic power to destroy the demons/devils, while Dante is clinging to his humanity and hope and is there to well kill demons/devils, but that's the thing they are basically opposites and one disapproves of the other's methods. Sadly for Vergil to get demonic power he needs to bring the demon realm to the human realm to do so, otherwise in the demon world, he wouldn't be able to gain the demonic power.
Apr 21st 2019 5:05pm
didnt read manga/comic/novel only played games and wathed that anime, and Vergil is actually bad but not evil there are difference