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What do you hope to gain, feel or expect when you game?
Apr 22nd 2019 6:53pm
gain nothing what so ever i actually expect to lose time, idk i dont feel anything, and i expect..nothing.. its weird but i am like Vergil from dmc just a empty shell of a gamer i once was
Apr 22nd 2019 7:02pm
Gain fun, enjoyment and satisfying challenge feel fun enjoyment and challenged, expect fun enjoyment and challenges.
Apr 22nd 2019 7:03pm
Also, waste time, make the time pass quicker, often immerse myself into a great story.
Apr 22nd 2019 7:35pm
In most genuine and simple way, just fun and some challenge depending on the game. Entertainment to pass the time.
Apr 22nd 2019 8:17pm
escape reality i guess
Apr 22nd 2019 9:50pm
I gain a better way to waste my time on this earth. I feel like im enjoying myself just that bit more, even if im not really enjoying the game much. And what i expect are the two things i said.
Apr 23rd 2019 12:43am
I hope to regain the sense of wonder and awe I experienced in my youth and find the eager joy I once found in it.
Apr 23rd 2019 2:57am
exactly same as willsmi says up
Apr 23rd 2019 3:24am
To escape reality.
Apr 23rd 2019 1:49pm
@Everyonehere I used to enjoy games immensely. Most games I played were heavy on the story, so I gained an appreciation for storytelling and seeing multiple angles for an argument etc... As far as feeling goes, that has pretty much gone sadly. Used to be that games could arouse deep emotions within me. Now they don't even scratch the surface. The expectation is perhaps the most difficult to answer. It changed from time to time I guess. In days passed I expected that I would gain some knowledge of myself or steel my soul for the bad days ahead, & escaping reality was there as well.
Apr 23rd 2019 1:53pm
At the end tho, I would say that I expected for something to change in my real life when I finished a game. It did happen sometimes in the past, tho that is no longer the case. I'm forced to accept that gaming isn't what it once was for me and probably never will be again.
Apr 23rd 2019 1:53pm
Thank you for your honest answers and time.
Apr 23rd 2019 2:42pm
you are most likely stressed and have little time to just be able to relax and immerse in the game is my guess.
Apr 23rd 2019 4:10pm
I waste a lot of time playing game. doing nothing productive.Once i thought i will play games no more. Then i did nothing just lie down on bed. then i thought playing game is better than doing nothing. And i am back gaming.
Apr 23rd 2019 4:17pm
@saru520 absolutely. I dislike how people view gaming as a huge waste of time and a bad thing to do when it's a hobby just like any other hobby. People hate on gaming, but then spend hours in front of TVs, phones, doing nothing or any other hobby not involving electronics and think that it's somehow better... Games are proven to improve decision making, reflexes and thinking. And there are other hobbies with great benefits too. Being productive all the time is often time counter-productive to the person in other ways. And on top of that, the productivity people praise is usually corporate bs and productivity that continues to circle around our crappy economy...
Apr 23rd 2019 9:46pm
@psychoman I think the whole "waste of time" thing is really just another human thing to say. Being "productive" just means making it easier for someone else to live. All we've been doing since the time of man is just making things easier for ourselves and now that we have enought time to waste because of all the hard work of all the people that came before and that are working now, some people just come and say what's what. They can shove off and look at their own lives, i'll keep looking at mine and you guys keep looking at yours.
Apr 23rd 2019 9:50pm
@VCoolX Agreed and respect! :)
Apr 25th 2019 6:28pm
@psychoman I have enough time to game, but I need to spend it elsewhere (need to learn new skills, because I've pretty much abandoned going to sea for work). If I don't I'll end up being and old guy who's going to need to go dumpster diving in my old age, because the future will not be good.



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