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any dmc hardcore fan that finished dmc5 and is willing to explain your fellow gamer some stuffs?
Apr 22nd 2019 7:01pm
Here, platinumed it :D
Apr 22nd 2019 7:04pm
So what do you want to know? :)
Apr 22nd 2019 7:13pm
okey so i am confused with franchises logic, here we go: 1. Is Sparda(theyr father not the sword) stronger then Mundus as i dont remember that they sayed that he defeated Mundus just that he seale him away. 2. Beggining in dmc3 Vergil was stronger then Dante bec he was accepting his demons powers and when he stabed Dante with rebelion he awakened Dantes democis powers and from then till now Dante was always stronger why? 3. Vergil eated that fruit he was making and become as strong or stronger then Mundus who is weaker then Dante so was he realy that weak before? 4. Dante stabs himself with rebelion and awakens his full potential + absorbs sword sparda then why was he not able to one shoot Vergil then 5. And as the last one why is nero Stronger then Dante and Vergil, is it becouse he is quarter demon so his kids will be even stronger is that how this works? pls put number before answer so that i know what are you answering exactlly
Apr 22nd 2019 7:25pm
1. He is stronger than Mundus but after all the battles he went through he was not strong enough to kill him so he sealed him away along with the demon world. 2. Vergil is stronger because he is more skilled and at the beginning of DMC3 he had his demonic powers and Dante didn't. The second time you face him in mission 13 he takes Dante lightly and was still even to him. He was just worn out by mission 20, while Dante was getting stronger and stronger throughout and his arrogance too was his undoing. 3. in DMC5 Vergil was severely weakened, all he did was just to go back to his former power, he didn't get stronger. And in the end, was on par with Dante.
Apr 22nd 2019 7:26pm
4.Dante unlocked his sin devil trigger, but keep in mind that the sword Sparda was created by Dante himself using his DMC1 sword + the 2x amulets(his and Vergil's) and so he finally becomes equal to Vergil in power and skill. 5. Nero isn't stronger than either of them. The fact that he just stopped them from hitting each other once they already stopped their Devil Triggers doesn't mean much. Especially after they were both weakened from fighting each other. And then he didn't fully beat Vergil, but was equal to a weakened Vergil, so I'd say he is pretty strong too.
Apr 22nd 2019 7:29pm
bonus. 1. Keep in mind that Sparda fought the entire demon world on his own. bonus 2. Also, there has always been this humanity vs demon between Dante and Vergil and the idea is that humanity's values, soul and hope win over the demon's raw, but soulless and purposeless power.
Apr 22nd 2019 7:29pm
Even in the anime, it was stated, in DMC2, DMC3, DMC5 too.
Apr 22nd 2019 7:30pm
so he went from stronger Urizen to weaker himself and that made him on par with dante who was stronger then Urizen.. uhh i am just getting more confused
Apr 22nd 2019 7:32pm
well V was a substantial part of his power and very important and different kind of power that is found in humanity, which again DMC loves its humans vs demons battle. And Urizen lost due to lacking that power.
Apr 22nd 2019 7:34pm
No, the point was that by renouncing his humanity he became a demon and only a demon, and the core of the series says that it's humanity and demon together that makes you powerful. It's generally just stupid babble but mindless fun. You shouldn't try to get too much into it, the more you dig the less it makes sense. B plot classic anime storyline.
Apr 22nd 2019 7:39pm
1. wait the sword he use in dmc1 was spardas sword the same one that he got in dmc3 at the end the sword that sparda used to seal Mundus and demon world so it is his sword not dantes he just awakened/unlocked it, 2. and those bonuses lol fantasy logics, the strongest demon is not the king and Mundus even used that fruit to become king but sparda probably didnt so he was enourmosly stronger then any other demon 3. as i sayed games/anime/movies logics where soul and purpose gives you strenght 4. just got on my mind, was it ever explained what happened to Sparda, was he killed, sealed away or just disapeard as they only sayed that he secreficed him self for humans?
Apr 22nd 2019 7:44pm
TheEmperor96 yea i noticed that ending: Nero- stop your sibilings rivalry Vergil- ok THE END i mean i get it that he got feelings that V gained while he was separated but cmon they just scraped it becouse if someone of them two dies fans would kill them and with that they made theyr whole franchise rivalry pointles
Apr 22nd 2019 7:45pm
1. the first sword in DMC1 is NOT rebellion. IDK what sword you are talking about in DMC3, there he had Rebellion, Agni and Rudra, Nunchucks, Beowulf 2. Yeah I mean you have to roll with them. 3. Again just how the universe works. 4. Sparda is still a mystery and most likely a trump card. There is(was back in the day) a lot of hype to see a game about him.
Apr 22nd 2019 7:59pm
1. no in dmc3 its not a usable weapon for Dante but you can use it with Vergil, you know at the end of dmc3 Vergil got that sword that gave ladys father power and i am pretty sure thats the sword dante use in dmc1 and yes its not rebelion 2.well now when everything is over we may get prequel of all dmc games about Sparda fighting all those demons and Mundus
Apr 22nd 2019 8:09pm
ah yes, that sword, yes I forgot about Vergil. Yes that's the sword. Well it's far from over XD I want a Dante and Vergil get out of hell expansion or standalone with a10-12 missions or even a whole sequel about it :D
Apr 22nd 2019 8:10pm
Also, there is Nero and in general there are still things they can do with it.
Apr 22nd 2019 8:11pm
DMC1 was set at some time. DMC2 is a sequel set far into the future. DMC3 is a prequel set some time before DMC1. DMC4 is set after DMC1 but before DMC2. DMC5 is a sequel to DMC4 but still set before DMC2. That's the timeline of events in the series. Or in other words just a convoluted mess of a plot in which not even the developers I'd argue know what's going on. It's a series that mocks itself and the classic tropes of Japanese entertainment media.
Apr 22nd 2019 8:11pm
Everything is over the top and nothing makes any sense if you take more than 5 seconds trying to think about it.
Apr 22nd 2019 8:14pm
Sadly they made DMC2 be between DMC1 and DMC4 and kinda destroyed the continuity with that.
Apr 22nd 2019 8:25pm
Most choose to ignore DMC2 and the devs to most extend seem to do too. Nothing of essence to the series happens there and It really doesn't ruin anything, at least to me, if it's still canon because the story overall is absurd so taking it at face value is too.



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