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You may now call me a computer technician. I did the interview. It was very informal. But basically i talked to the boss and he said to give me a trial next Thursday. He was impressed though. First impressions went really well and i think he already likes me. Basically i got the job.
Apr 23rd 2019 10:54am
Apr 23rd 2019 11:40am
Nice one, man. Congratulation.
Apr 23rd 2019 1:39pm
Hell yeah man.
Apr 23rd 2019 2:26pm
Apr 23rd 2019 6:24pm
wow sounds good! I've been basically computer technician for couple years some time ago, now I do different job in same company though :) my long-term experience and advice is, most valuable technicians are those who can communicate with people (speech, phone, email), and troubleshoot stuff calm and efficiently (not lazy or slow though!) on their own, being able to search solution yourself, so try to do so ;)
Apr 24th 2019 12:25am
Thanks everyone! And I mean as a computer technician working at the back. I don't have to deal with customers. I basically build computers, troubleshoot software, clean computers and probably even do some networking. Even though i don't really know how. I'll learn though
Apr 24th 2019 2:14am
Congratulations brother!
Apr 24th 2019 6:33am
Congratulations. Welcome to the wonderful world of "But is it plugged in??"
Apr 24th 2019 9:25am
ay cool :D
Apr 24th 2019 9:55pm
lol thanks :D
Apr 26th 2019 12:36am



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