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After Nvidia dropped the GTX 1650 for 150$, they apparently delayed the drivers required for them and so the day 1 reviewers couldn't get the card benchmarked, so basically anyone buying the card is getting it blindly, I guess they weren't happy with the performance? Are they trying to get to the 570 level? They're claiming its 70% faster than a 1050, I don't know whats that in relation to the 1050 Ti but I'm pretty sure it will be slower than the 570 by a reasonable portion, I have to wait for the reviews tomorrow though, this could decide whether I'll get the 570 or this.
Apr 23rd 2019 4:00pm
Yeah this is quite shady. May have come down to tight deadlines but it's not a good look and I don't think anyone should buy until reviews are out there
Apr 25th 2019 6:23pm
We'll have to keep an eye on that stuff. Thx for the heads up.