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just finished A Plague Tale: Innocence and i am a little disapointed with ending, i thouth that it will be darker
May 20th 2019 11:54am
I don't mind the ending personally.
May 20th 2019 1:06pm
i mean they both survived pff, i fas expecting at least someone of them two to die, like Hugo to be killed by hisown Macula or maybe Amicia secrefice her self to save Hugo, i canot describe my look at then end, the way i stared at screen while they were leaving on carriage and as camera zooms out from them i was expecting swarm of rats or something to just crush them, and poof.. nothing
May 21st 2019 6:49am
Got a question for ya then. Would you like a game you can't win, like it's made so you can't win?
May 21st 2019 12:22pm
Dark Soul? thats game i canot win lol, "game you can't win, like it's made so you can't win" what exactly by win you mean? Ryse: Son of Rome on of my favorite games of all time, he dies at the end so its win becouse he saved the rome but lose becouse he died, they could have done same here as sacrefice is both win and lose
May 22nd 2019 7:56pm
Like you genuinely can't win the game itself. No matter how you play the game, or mechanic you would use, the game would be designed so that you could not win.
May 22nd 2019 9:00pm
why would i want that?
May 23rd 2019 8:26am
That experience would represent the real world better than anything else. Because there are cases where your efforts go unrecognized and your work was for nothing.
May 23rd 2019 8:39am
i know that but what does that have to do with anything we are talking about?
May 23rd 2019 10:02am
You mentioned how you "expected a swarm of rats to crush them". Thought you wanted something more for the game, and not just a different ending.
May 23rd 2019 1:50pm
it didnt seem like a game with a happy ending thats why i was expecting like in horror movies when everything is over and protagonist is relaxed all of sudden something happen and The End which usually means that protogonist dies even tho they dont show it
May 24th 2019 9:48pm
Guess it's a matter of taste.