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can anyone help me to delete 2 TTF files?
May 20th 2019 10:34am
they left in gamefolder after i uninstalled the game and it says that file canot be deleted bec its opened in system, files are not in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts, they can neither be found in regedit/software/microsoft/windows NT/current version/fonts
May 20th 2019 10:38am
i tryed to search for fix on youtube and around forums with similar problems, but they all had the problem which was fixed by deleting it from font or regedit but in my case they are nowhere
May 20th 2019 11:21am
Have you tried restarting the PC? Helps often with these things :) (I'm serious)
May 20th 2019 1:00pm
i uninstaled the game a weak ago but just now noticed the folder of Command and Conquer is still there and i found those 2 TTF files in it and since then i was shuting up and down pc many time, even if i didnt restarting is the basic thing everyone do when something dosnt work
May 20th 2019 1:40pm
unless your on a premium for storage i wouldnt worry about it.. but if you truly want it gone maybe start system in safe mode and delete it? i never experienced an issue with this ttf files thing
May 20th 2019 2:03pm
98,5kb its nothing it just there poking my eyes every time i look thry games
May 20th 2019 4:01pm
IOBit Unlocker free utility that you can use to unlock files and delete them.
May 20th 2019 4:48pm
just tryed IOBit Unlocker and it says unlocked and deleted but its still there
May 20th 2019 5:16pm
You tried CC cleaner and tried the reg cleaner, then tried to delete. I use it all the time.
May 20th 2019 5:42pm
i did and it dosnt work
May 21st 2019 7:10pm
Have you tried booting in to safe mode and deleting the files?
May 23rd 2019 2:01am
You can make a batch file to run at logon; it works too;)