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so i went to make new rig and i noticed some parts were missing for it so i went and approved them (thanks to those whom submit parts) but i cant be the only one who is waiting on approval of a part for there rig verification. if you submitted a part you wish to be approved as long as its not a ssd gpu cpu or hdd i can approve it for you, just leave the name and what component it is below this comment. example cooler master XX case
May 20th 2019 2:09pm
i think that i tryed to add kotion each g2200 but it sayed that it is already requested or that it is already in the list but it is not
May 20th 2019 2:10pm
what is that?
May 20th 2019 2:12pm
Headset similar or same as kotion each g2000 pro that is already there
May 20th 2019 2:16pm
whats why i said at the bottom say what it is :P so i dont have to ask what it is ill go take a look
May 20th 2019 2:19pm
ugh back there i can only see kotion each 4000g not a g2200
May 20th 2019 2:21pm
i am same as you man i am lazy, so i didnt actually read your comment to the end i ended at "as long as its not a ssd gpu cpu or hdd i can approve"
May 23rd 2019 11:42am
Hi, Pantheks Eclipse P350X case please :)
May 23rd 2019 11:44am
Sorry, i forgot my monitor as well... ACER KG271 Full HD 27" LED Monitor