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CDPR have teamed up with Nvidia for Cyberpunk 2077, it'll feature real-time ray tracing. Well that's one way to sell the RTX 2080 Ti xD
Jun 12th 2019 8:20am
Considering I have 0 interest in ray tracing, I'd say not a good way to sell a 2080ti to me personally XD
Jun 12th 2019 9:56am
I'm sold already and can't wait!
Jun 12th 2019 10:04am
so they don't think AMD are good ? this is worrying
Jun 12th 2019 10:39am
I want that game to look THE BEST IT CAN LOOK, so if some AMD people can't get the full fidelity - sorry, but they'll just have to wait until AMD includes hardware raytracing acceleration (maybe next gen of cards?). IMO at this point there's no need not to include raytracing just for the sake of AMD's current gen cards. Besides, it'll probably run like garbage anyway, so we'll ALL enjoy it next gen better. I know this happened with Witcher 3 for me, where 2 or 3 card gens later I got to enjoy it fully at 5K Ultra xD
Jun 12th 2019 11:00am
Let's also not forget PhysX and Gameworks in Witcher 3. So not really news that CDPR partner with NVidia.
Jun 12th 2019 11:29am
Yeah true. I doubt it'll run horribly if you have two RTX 2080 Tis running in SLI
Jun 12th 2019 12:12pm
Probably not, but I may be limited to 1440p for smooth framerates (90+). I'm used to waiting for new hardware to replay older games at crazy settings/resolutions.
Jun 12th 2019 12:47pm
I've just read that Watchdogs Legion will also support ray tracing. Looks like I'll be picking up an Ampere next year lol
Jun 12th 2019 3:15pm
Yeah, quite the line-up coming out with RTX. This all just needs SLI support now and I'm set :)
Jun 12th 2019 11:48pm
I hope Ampere is a bigger leap then Turring.
Jun 12th 2019 11:51pm
Turing is Pascal with GDDR6, RT and Tensor core support at "12nm", IPC improvements? None... And Pascal is Maxwell with the SMX split in two to be able to put more FP64 and FP16 cores for the Quadro GPUs, IPC improvements over Maxwell? None...
Jun 13th 2019 2:41am
oh well
Jun 13th 2019 3:39am
I was happy with the performance increase from Pascal to Turing, I just wasn't happy with the price increase.
Jun 13th 2019 4:05am
Eventually AMD will catch up with Ray Tracing. It's just taking longer than it should imo.
Jun 13th 2019 5:28am
Navi 20 full RDNA
Jun 16th 2019 12:05am
Pascal to Turing was a big leap. Being able to execute both FP16 and FP32 calcs at the same time gave some games a huge jump. It was something stupid like a 70% fps increase in the Witcher 3 going from 1080Ti to 2080Ti, if I recall correctly. P.S.: I love it how Psychoman is always bitter about tech. And sometimes wrong. But mostly bitter.
Jun 16th 2019 12:08am
He's bitter about everything
Jun 16th 2019 12:21am
He needs a new nickname. I propose "Bitterman". Not only would it be more suited to the person behind the keyboard, but it would also be a nice little tribute to Quake II
Jun 16th 2019 9:02am
@XQUATROX IDK where that 70% comes from, maybe Nvidia, but here look: It ended up being 30-40% higher... which is how much faster the rtx 2080ti is. Sure that would be good if games actually started utilizing FP16 a butt tone more, but so far nope.



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