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The upcoming raytracing line-up looks good! Maybe in the next 3-4 card generations we'll be ditching raster almost completely, who knows :D
Jun 12th 2019 5:38pm
Jun 12th 2019 11:47pm
so in 8 years? Damn
Jun 13th 2019 10:25am
This generation is totally trash, i bought a 2080 TI and i get a 2080 after refresh...SUPEEER !
Jun 13th 2019 12:28pm
Buy Nvidia now, regret it 6 months later
Jun 13th 2019 3:02pm
I very happy with my GTX 1080
Jun 14th 2019 5:05am
@Sm0k3d0ut Did you buy it when it came out, or did you wait a few months for the price to drop?
Jun 14th 2019 8:25am
I'm waiting for the Super retarted refresh :D
Jun 16th 2019 12:02am
Yeah, it is a bit of a slap in the face... I had mine since launch, so I've had them for about 9 months, but it still sucks. I wanted my 2080Tis to be the top dog stuff until Ampere ships, but it seems to not be the case. I wonder if they are gonna add more VRAM to the 2080Ti SUPERRRR, because that will really piss me off then. That VRAM I bloody need! If the difference in performance is big, then I guess I'll be selling my cards and getting the new ones, lol.
Jun 16th 2019 12:07am
You should've seen this coming. It happened with the Maxwell Titan GPUs
Jun 16th 2019 12:13am
Well, but I'm not on the Titan tier, now am I? Plus they never replaced the entire #$^%# lineup of their cards before, which I think is the bigger problem, especially to the people who just recently bought new 20-series cards...and sucks even more to those who are about to buy new cards and don't know about this "SUPERRRR" stuff yet. At least I got almost a year out of mine. But imagine everyone else...
Jun 16th 2019 9:54am
To my knowledge AMD hasn't pulled that stunt. At least not for the same generation of GPU's.
Jun 17th 2019 4:45am
It's to be expected when Nvdida releases mid tier GPUs at such a high price. I mean TU100 exists. TU102 was cut down heavily. Same with Pascal and same with Maxwell.
Jun 17th 2019 4:03pm
@Gankutsuou not sure. I t was almost a year after it had been released.
Jun 17th 2019 6:37pm
@Sm0k3d0ut Hope you got it for a few $ less.



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