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i dont know if im the only one or not who hasnt payed any attention to e3 at all? i havent read single article or a vid or watched it all cause i dont care what AAA companies are promoting? if there is a good quality game coming along i'll listen but i dont care anymore due to so many years of disappointments
Jun 14th 2019 9:04am
Jun 14th 2019 9:13am
I've never watched a single E3 presentation in my life, apart from Devolver Digital spoofs, they're good laugh. If something is good enough it'll make sound,. There are just so many games that I can live with not being able to play every single one of them.
Jun 14th 2019 9:20am
If you're fed up with AAA (which is absolutely reasonable) then it can be difficult to find the neat smaller and indie stuff, although it is there. You're right though - if it's good, you'll hear about it (usually).
Jun 14th 2019 10:21am
@wolfe1924 Your logic is flawed, historically 99% of games have always been a disappointment, terrible, crappy, poorly made, unoptimized and overall BAAAAAAAAAAD... You want to not be disappointed, study math, there are next to no disappointments in math especially if you don't try to invent or prove math... Gaming, on the other hand, has most-always been filled with disappointing games 99% of them yearly, it's just that those parasitic leeches the youtubers, who feed off of negativity and they become/became the loud minority that focuses on poorly made games since that's what people click on...
Jun 14th 2019 10:25am
@psychoman seems to me your logic is flawed. If 99% of games are a disappointment then shouldn't you, mathematically speaking, be adjusting your expectations by now?
Jun 14th 2019 10:30am
@wolfe1924 Otherwise, I only watched AMD at E3 as I need a new GPU and sadly I might end up forking the cash for their overpriced GPUs or for an RTX GPU. All the other news I got from GD about all the games.
Jun 14th 2019 10:32am
Wait for the price drops!
Jun 14th 2019 10:36am
@Jon Well, I don't have actual statistics, but yearly there have been always at least around a thousand games released overall out of which no more than 10-20 were actually amazing or at least very solid and very good. So maybe 95-97% of games have sucked or been disappointing or mediocre/generic at best. Again I don't have actual numbers, but last year on steam alone around 2000-3000 were games released. Out of them can you name me lets say 25 games that are at least a 7.5/10 in your opinion? Or 25 games in general, that sold very well, that people are praising, are super popular and the consensus is that they are good... I can maybe go as far as 10-15 And that's just steam alone, the PS4 has indie games, mobile games as much as I don't even want to consider them games release a ton too
Jun 14th 2019 10:40am
@Jon Yeah, I expect AMD to cave in and drop the prices just from Nvidia releasing their "super" GPUs and lowering the price on their other GPUs. But just like I thought their new GPUs would be overpriced in the back of my head, In the same way in the back of my head, I think that now that they are in Chinese servers, google stadia, next-gen consoles, smartphone GPUs they might not even care enough to lower prices, but I hope I'm wrong.
Jun 14th 2019 10:41am
Yes, but I won't lol, that's a long list. I can't say I consider 'sold very well' as a qualifier to being a good game.
Jun 14th 2019 10:44am
Well, I don't too, but when taking into a count the public opinion, I think sales are a good enough factor to consider, since you can't go and ask everyone what they think about the game. Most people aren't bothered to write reviews or even give opinions online(thankfully).
Jun 14th 2019 10:45am
@psychoman You're just playing a smartass now instead of proving a point. What is your point anyway? That everything is a disappointment and that no one should expect everything less? I'm pretty sure that anyone talking about games excludes the Steam Direct trash, and the other of the sort as they're all only games by technicalities.
Jun 14th 2019 10:49am
They will drop the prices because it's another avenue they can earn money from. It's as simple as that. If there's money to be made than there's work to be done there. It all depends if Nvidia actually lowers the prices to be more consumer friendly.
Jun 14th 2019 11:07am
Well, it turns out I had a list from an Up For Debate. We'll forget the 75% you said and just go with games which averaged at least 85% in reviews, just to up the challenge: Red Dead Redemption 2 God of War Super Smash Bros ultimate Shadow of the Colossus Forza Horizon 4 Celeste Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition Return of the Obra Dinn Monster Hunter World Tetris Effect Astro Bot Dead Cells Pillars of Eternity 2 Into the Breach Dragon Quest XI Spider-Man Ni No Kuni 2 Guacamelee 2 Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom The Messenger Dragon Ball Fighter Z Unavowed Yakuza Kiwami 2 CrossCode Subnautica Moss Gris Radiant Historia Football Manager 2019 Two Point Hospital Octopath Traveler Frostpunk 32 games.
Jun 14th 2019 12:34pm
32 games on ALL platforms, steam alone had 3000 games, and the PS4 and Switch had their exclusive indie games and their exclusive AAA games on top of multi-platforms they share with steam(multi-plats obviously are counted just once), then Microsoft's exclusives, so around 3200 games let's say, that's 1% of all of them. And even if there were 100 games, that's just 3%... That's just how it is, maybe there are a couple of exceptional years where fewer games overall were released and more good games were released, but 2018 was one of the best years for gaming IMO and probably the best of the 2010s overall tied maybe only with 2015 and we can get no more than 100 games. I mean even if 50% of the games were disappointing, that's still thousands of disappointing games, so yeah.
Jun 14th 2019 1:00pm
I've no idea what you're talking about now, to be honest. I've just given you 32 when you asked for 20, and that's probably already more than any one person has time to play in a year. I don't understand how you can be disappointed by the hundreds of junk games on Steam. Why were you getting your hopes up for them in the first place when they're obviously bad? It's not a disappointment if you think a game is bad and it ends up bad, that's meeting expectations.
Jun 14th 2019 1:12pm
I was actually pleasantly surprised that you got 32 games. I just gave an example number. Well, they are disappointing, and many of them had promise and potential and many have/had good production value and quality behind them too. And I agree 20-30 games for a year are a lot, but most people don't like all genre of games, when it comes to AA games I average 1.5x a month yearly and that's mainly due to either lack of games or nowadays lack of time, a few years ago I averaged a little over 2.0x AAA games a month I personally like all genres except for sport(Not including Motorsport or Fighting sports), don't sport video games like football, basketball and such.
Jun 14th 2019 2:02pm
Don't worry, it's all games as a service now so we can all play 1 game forever
Jun 14th 2019 2:13pm
Yeah no... GaaS can kiss my ass
Jun 15th 2019 10:22am
it's ok. You didn't miss that much. You will hear about these games sooner or later anyway when release dates will approach
Jun 15th 2019 12:03pm
Surprisingly the PC Games show had a nice lineup of games, including some good indies. Evil Genius 2, Starmancer, Mosaic, Unexplored 2, Conan Chop Chop, Moons of Madness, Last Oasis, Remnant From the Ashes, Griftlands, Planet Zoo, Songs of Conquest, Per Aspera, Valfaris, Telling Lies, El Hijo
Jun 15th 2019 12:04pm
Are some of those that you probably won't hear much about since they're not AAAs.
Jun 16th 2019 6:34am
@psychoman alright you wanna go at me on this fine you been a mouth piece for over year. yes maybe 99% of games are trash (that is a statistic you made up btw) are you counting throught all of history or anything you hear on youtube about the trash that ends up on steam? this has nothing to do with math or your made up statistics. Sometimes these games the newest AAA trash is what the peasants for lack of better terms want, because they dont know any better they just listen to what e3 feeds them and trailers. it is our job to educate them and let them know there is other things out besides the newest cod other games to exist. Your talking out of your ass dude these gents have a point that you fail to notice you always go and look for fights with people you are ignorant. You picked the wrong post to be ignorant on i am probably the "mean admin" i have low tolerance for ignorance and bullshit themporar96 made a good point and jon made many good points, i whole heartily stand with them on this maybe if you stopped talking for a min and listened you may learn something
Jun 16th 2019 8:47am
Oh my gawd... this is so silly. Just play games which You find interesting and stop this superiority syndrome. if AAA is trash then look into indies. If indies are trash then look into old games. If these are trash then find another hobby.
Jun 16th 2019 8:54am
Well you obviously didn't read my comments, on the second comment I said that I don't have actual statistics... people don't like reading what I say and then I'm at fault. And I play much more than AAA games, but almost all of the best indie games that usually get higher scores, that I've played are just about above average, I'm not going to praise them just because they are indie, of course, there are the exceptions that turn out to be excellent. On top of that, an indie game can be AAA, and a published game can be non-AAA, AAA is just a budget target for a game that usually increases with the release of new consoles. And my point stands, disappointment is the default. Be it AAA, indie, indie AAA or smaller published games...
Jun 16th 2019 8:56am
But that is good, because thanks to disappointing games, I can appreciate a good game and see what makes a good game a good game, analyze it better. I think that if all games were 10/10 material by our current standards, then we'd just say that they are mediocre as we'd be more than used to them.
Jun 16th 2019 10:02am
I only know about E3 what was written on GD and that's about it.
Jun 17th 2019 9:07am
@Gankutsou You know all the important stuff then
Jun 17th 2019 6:35pm
Pretty much



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