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Is it too late to start playing R6 Siege ?
Jun 14th 2019 10:45am
Nope, go right ahead, you will start on casual and then play ranked, since it's skill-based match-making(not very good, but still), you just have to play a lot. You don't have to buy anything, but the base game.
Jun 14th 2019 10:56am
There's probably a lot to wrap your head around but there's no a dedicated playlist for people under level 50 so you won't be going up against too many sweaty people. As soon as you hit level 20 you can play ranked as well, and then you should get matched with similar people regardless.
Jun 14th 2019 11:24am
No man, do go ahead. It's fun from the get go, and if you play a lot , you can still get to pretty competitive levels
Jun 14th 2019 12:15pm
I was asking becuase i played during the free weekend and i absolutely loved the game even though i got killed in the first hour A LOT. After i learned that there was a newcomer option with only 3 maps that helped to gain a good grip on the game :D Plus its like 10$ now so i will get it
Jun 14th 2019 12:16pm
Thank you all for the help :
Jun 14th 2019 12:19pm
Yeah learning the maps is probably the hardest bit. Once you've got angles and loops sorted it definitely picks up. enjoy!
Jun 16th 2019 4:25pm
Just bought it :D - Im waiting on download - was super confusing as i didnt get a key for the game so i spent 10 min figuring out what just happened xD - Then i remembered that i will probably have to log in to my uplay account to redeem it
Jun 17th 2019 9:04am
Yeah I believe Uplay may be keyless already?
Jun 17th 2019 10:47am
@Jon yeah they went keyless xD Thats why i was super confused about the purchase but all in all im enjoying the game but found some of the operators really really boring :/
Jun 17th 2019 11:09am
Mmm I find there are too many operators these days so it makes it hard to find uses for some. Back in the early days, you knew your opponents were quite limited in choices so you could guess the correct counters. Now it's basically anything goes. Thatcher's barely used these days, for example, and he used to be so crucial.



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