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Steam Summer Sale is approaching! Anything you look forward to? I honestly don't know what to play this summer. Guess I'll give Plague Tale: Innocence a try... if the price is right ;)
Jun 14th 2019 7:49pm
As usual, the games I want won't be on sale cuz they are usually too new and the ones that are and I like I already have. Haven't bought anything on a steam summer sale since 2014.
Jun 14th 2019 7:58pm
I might pick up Mordhau or TABS - they look like fun
Jun 14th 2019 9:54pm
@psychoman I don't know what you play but I can recommend some awesome gems that will likely be pretty cheap: Darkest Dungeon, The Long Dark, Prison Architect, Don't Starve, Kenshi, Rimworld, Overgrowth or Antichamber. Some are a bit older (as in, not released this year) however easy to miss, loved them to death! @RapidRav Wow I forgot about TABS, will keep an eye on it, thanks!
Jun 14th 2019 9:59pm
I only don't have Kenshi from the ones you recommended me :D
Jun 15th 2019 8:33am
Just hoping DisplayFusion will be on sale since my free trial ends soon, been really liking it.
Jun 15th 2019 9:01am
A plague tale is a worthy title , brilliant game. Also , I'll suggest Kenshi too like the guy above.
Jun 15th 2019 7:25pm
I just got into PC gaming about a month ago. When does the sale begin? iv been hearing about the sales they do and how good they are
Jun 16th 2019 1:01pm
@Thasdirty23 It should start on the 22nd or 23rd. Most games on Steam will have some sort of discount, basically. This wasn't so great last year since the discounts weren't as big as we were used to, however we should see how thing are this year. It will be still awesome for you, sounds like you have to catch up on a lot of gems of the past.



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