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What do you guys think of the mobile game adverts?
Jun 16th 2019 9:09am
i think its crap. a lot of it i laugh at because ill see the same games over and over but they make the game look different each time. wish there was a way to punish them for it.
Jun 16th 2019 9:33am
I don't call them mobile cancer for nothing...
Jun 16th 2019 9:58am
Only watch gameplay trailers. Otherwise it's a waste of time.
Jun 16th 2019 10:29am
if they could stop being so in-your-fucking-face about it, they could be a little more acceptable. but mobile cancer is accurate lol
Jun 16th 2019 7:25pm
i see them all the time its pretty disgusting i seem some mobile games use trailers from civ 5 and 6 and even red alert to and gameplay footages from those games but the actual game is totally different i dont know how they can get away with it considering i even see it on fb all the time
Jun 17th 2019 12:24am
It seems like as long as the mobile platform is making a ton of money - we shall continue being bombarded by this cancerous trash. I'm not even sure some of these ads are legal anymore...
Jun 17th 2019 4:43am
Mobile gaming is trash and only banking off the idiots lol Well the casuals but you know.
Jun 17th 2019 12:46pm
I don't do games on mobile. I have not a single one. Got sick of them, most are trash and the ones that aren't are not comfortable to play without buttons. So I stick to my PC and portable consoles. If I need to waste time on my phone - I'll edit some photos, do research or write something.
Jun 18th 2019 12:09am
Or use it as its meant to be used. To call someone /s
Jun 18th 2019 1:34am
I actually do call my woman when I leave work and during lunch :D
Jun 18th 2019 12:31pm
oof nice
Jun 19th 2019 3:21pm
That's Xquatrox for ya.
Jun 21st 2019 9:33am
@Gankutsuou not sure if that's good or bad xD
Jun 22nd 2019 12:23am
It's a very good thing.
Jun 22nd 2019 10:21am
mobile games are for simply people who can't afford PC, Laptop or Console. Sometimes you have cousins who doesn't have good system, so i have to play mobile games online with them .
Jun 22nd 2019 11:58am
@MaxPayne95 Yeah they buy 800-1200$ phones, but can't afford a pc?
Jun 22nd 2019 2:45pm
they can also carry their phone with them and use them for other things. he also didnt say what phones they have. judgments without knowledge only leads to inaccurate accusations.
Jun 22nd 2019 2:55pm
Still, they can give 400$ for a phone... they can give 500$ for a RX 570 + Ryzen 5 1600 + 8GB PC, no? hell even if they had a 200$ phone... why buy a new one when you can just save up and get a PC? Also what else can you do with a phone for 400-1200$ that you can't do with a 100-150$ phone? Besides maybe not be able to run some games, but you said other things, like what? All phones take pictures, have android, so same functions, all have cameras... Mobile games are specifically for people just want to play mobile games, him saying that mobile games are for people that can't afford a PC or Console is false.
Jun 22nd 2019 3:28pm
I'm with Psycho on that one. Expensive phones vs a cheaper phone + PC/console - I'd pick a cheaper phone any time.
Jun 22nd 2019 4:14pm
@psychoman no they buy 100$ phones and do everything on it. Go to cybercafe for works which can be done only on desktop. Play games by uninstalling all other apps and keep cleaning unnecssary photos. Some of them have PCs but 10 year old. I have Ryzen one. So, common platform is MOBILE. YEP. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE MOBILE GAMING. Evn though I'm not crazy about phones and myself owns 129$ phone but i have seen students playing multiplayers on mobiles since you can't bring your whole desktop to work or education institute.
Jun 22nd 2019 4:20pm
and talking about 442$ Ryzen 1600 + rx570 + 8gb PC. Don't be stupid . You also have to buy PSU + CABINET+ Motherboard + Keyboard + Mouse + Monitor + UPS (We have electricity problems here) + No portability. In today's scenario, people are opting for Smartphones .Desktops are for remaining enthusiasists. Laptops for necessity office or student work. You never played SNAKE or SPACESHIP or many other 2D Black n White games. Now we guys ditching on current gen.
Jun 22nd 2019 4:55pm And IDK about you or anyone else, but I really can't use my phone for anything more than phone calls, music and sometimes browsing, and begrudgingly watch videos, like typing on a phone is torture to me... It's slow, uses my thumbs and not all my fingers, autocorrect sucks, the screen is too small, the display buttons are too small...
Jun 22nd 2019 5:18pm
Also if you have an electrical problem you already have a UPS and you already have a TV for sure, so you can bid your time until you save up more money.
Jun 22nd 2019 5:32pm
*bide again, we dont have all the facts. we take the information we have. arguing and telling someone what they should do might not be in their best interest considering they only have $100 phones. he obviously got a pc but maybe his relatives cant. take it as it is and move on instead of telling him what you think they should do.
Jun 22nd 2019 5:40pm
I'm not telling anybody what anybody should do. I'm saying that people that are playing mobile games are playing them because they want to, not because they can't afford a PC... Like you can get a second hand 70 euro HP 8300 with an i5 2300-2400 with 8gb of ram for slap a gt 1030 brand new for 50-60 euro for and play games at 720p with 60fps... -_- And my point stands, phones are terrible for productivity... that will forever remain true, otherwise companies wouldn't have PCs, only smartphones. As I said you can barely type on them properly, let alone do work.
Jun 22nd 2019 7:51pm
You clearly think every country has similar situation ? In our country Smartphones are more affordable, reachable to every class. There are chinese brands, with qualities and features way better than Korean, European or American. ON other hand, PC components are charged with heavy duties. We have UPS but not as strong as to power a TV or a PC. Moreover majority of houses are not build by keeping UPS power points in mind. They are only for Ceiling Fans and Lights. lol. and desktop UPS I'm talking about only backups for 5 minutes max. I don't know what phone you are using but smartphones have come a long way than those being slow,
Jun 22nd 2019 7:52pm
hangs, screen is big in lowest model too, autocorrect can be turned off and what are display buttons ? What are u using bruh ?
Jun 22nd 2019 7:56pm
I can't live without smartphone. Recently I needed some cash but I didn't have ATM card, so here I can use an app which is linked directly with my a/c and ATMs. I just need to access ATM from my phone and tadah. Wonder if I could install android on my laptop which i could carry on my two wheeler.
Jun 22nd 2019 8:35pm
Phones have on-screen keyboards or whatever they are called and their buttons are tiny. Well, that's a specific situation. In most cases, if you want to game on mobile you game on mobile, if you want to game on PC, you game on PC. Also again that's a specific scenario with the ATM card. You forget your ATM card, but I tend to forget my phone(a lot). And I have a galaxy A20 and Huawei Honor 8 Lite, though I got both as presents from my parents, If I had to buy myself a phone, I'd buy the Xiaomi Redmi 7.
Jun 22nd 2019 8:38pm
Also on a side note, IDK if it's due to Android 9.0 vs 7.0, but Samsungs UI/software is garbage compared to Huawei's.
Jun 23rd 2019 12:47am
is that why Huawei is banned? /s
Jun 23rd 2019 5:30am
We have 4 Xiaomi in our family. Soon there's going to be 5. They are actually best out there in low - mid range .
Jun 23rd 2019 11:20am
Xiaomi has the best phones for all ranges, why? Most of their low-mid range phones are not sold at a profit(or a very small one) and the high-end phones are sold at a modest profit margin. Xiaomi is not using phones as a main source of income, but more for marketing and mindshare.
Jun 23rd 2019 3:42pm
My dad got a Redmi 4, I think, which for him was a massive upgrade from an old Symbian device he had before. I'm still rocking a Galaxy S4. Lost my OnePlus3 in a drunken fight a year ago now and since then I did miss having a nicer phone with a good camera, but then again I just got myself a pair of Canon 5D (mark 1!) cameras for pennies and I carry one at all times, pretty much. Other than doing messaging and phone calls + occasional ebay/amazon browsing in the bath - I don't really use a phone. I much rather pick up a Windows tablet (Surface Pro 3 or a Pro 4 - I have both) or sit at my PC for most tasks. For work - my PC is a baller workstation and nothing will ever come close to that, IMO
Jun 23rd 2019 3:46pm
I see the convenience of a phone, but I must say - uninstalling antisocial media apps and using the phone less in general has freed up a good amount of time for other tasks and I'm happy about it. Mobile games are also FUCKING HORRIBLE! Either complete MTX-ridden trash with no real gameplay or ports of old games (GTA, KOTOR, etc). Possibly the best experience I had was playing PSP games via PPSSPP with a Moga Pro controller attached, but then why bother if my PC can do it better and I actually have a PSP and a PS Vita for the same games anyway... Granted, I like the upgrade in resolution via PPSSPP, but the games themselves aren't always well-supported (emulators, eh?) so OG HW is better.
Jun 23rd 2019 3:49pm
Nothing beats picking up that Vita with physical controls and firing up any PSP, Vita or PS1 game...or any of the countless emulated games... Plus it's modded, so I have 200GB of memory there, a modded OLED screen curve (much more accurate colors and hugely improved brightness), overclocking support, etc. I'd never use a phone for gaming just because of the Vita, lol.
Jun 23rd 2019 3:50pm
@XQUATROX I can stand behind a tablet, it's actually sizeable and usable for many things, especially now that many of them are rocking windows, but again it doesn't even come close to a PC, but it's viable. Also, I'm with you on dedicated cameras. Hell, my parent's Canon something, something from 2008-2009 takes better photos than most phones out there and it didn't even cost as much as the phones back in the day, on top of being small-enough and portable... I've grown tired of people saying that all modern smartphones have replaced dedicated cameras, when they haven't, not yet at least. Though I personally don't use cameras often and when I do, I don't require high quality pictures.
Jun 23rd 2019 3:51pm
Oh and the PSP is the master race. Vita too, but I don't have one. But the PSP is great, for the games, it runs on top of the emulators it supports, can play on all my retro consoles on just one portable console. I didn't get the vita due to lack of quality exclusives for the majority of its lifespan.
Jun 23rd 2019 3:56pm
...which reminds me... Why not pick up a Vita or a PSP on ebay if you're strapped for cash and want portable gaming? The games on them are sooooo much better, you get physical controls, local (and online in some games) multiplayer - wouldn't that fill the need better? It's almost foolish to not buy one at the prices they are going for, considering the game catalogs of those consoles!
Jun 23rd 2019 4:01pm
Absolutely, on top of that, the 3DS XL/2DS XL are cheap even new and are about as portable as a 6-inch screen phone. I really do wish for Sony and Nintendo to release a new portable console, though Nintendo with the switch being a semi-portable console, makes me doubt it, but at least Sony would be great, a successor to the PS Vita, but this time done right, especially with how powerful the ARM CPUs have become and with AMD entering the mobile GPU market, a great, low power, but good performance SoC can be had in a year or two, perfect for a mobile console.
Jun 23rd 2019 4:01pm
I like the Vita better than the PSP because of the OLED screen and dual analogs, which you can remap to be used for emulators or PSP games. My PSP served me many many years and it's still alive, but I highly recommend the Vita just for the extra power and features - it really does beat the shit out of the PSP when you mod it, even for just PSP games. Only downside is a non-replaceable battery (which may or may not be possible to replace yourself, I've not looked that up TBH) and lackluster Vita games (which is true to an extent - there are great games on it, but it can't hold a candle to the PSP's catalog).
Jun 23rd 2019 4:04pm
3DS for me was just a Monster Hunter machine when Capcom abandoned Sony. Otherwise I don't like it and the game catalog doesn't interest me. Speaking of SoCs... Tegra X1 - it's old, but it powers the Switch with great success and even my SHield TV, which is a TINY box, has double the GPU clock speed of the Switch. I'd be happy with a Tegra X1 console, considering my SHield TV eats thru 4K HDR content like nothing. I'd like to see more games for it, considering they'd run way better than they do on the Switch, but it's unlikely, so I just use mine as a Plex box for the most part, sometimes streaming from PC.
Jun 23rd 2019 4:24pm
It's too late to get vita, there no longer sold new and there are barely any second hand. The 2ds Xl is the most worth current portable console and for me it's got Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, Mario, Zelda, KH, Persona Q and Xenoblade, so lot's of system sellers for me. The Tegra X1 is ancient. It's on the terrible first generation of TSMC's 16nm(Called 20nm, because for TSMC every minor improvement is a new lower number), it's got a Cortex A55 which can't hold a candle to the A77 in both IPC and clock speeds and power consumption and the GPU was good for its time, but now it can be much better, a new Tegra would be great too, or something from AMD, doesn't matter, has to be new. The A77 is cheap, a small mobile GPU will be cheap too, so it's not like costs will be much higher.
Jun 23rd 2019 5:34pm
Well, I'm not into the nitty gritty of who sells what at what nanometers and I certainly don't share the same view about tech in general (being all grumpy that you are), so to me an X1 portable would still be absolutely fine. Numbers mean fuckall when I have two different devices in he house using the X1 (Shield TV and the Switch) and I can see what they can do. As for the portables - I'll disagree there too, but merely on taste. Nintendo stuff ain't for me (of the games you mentioned it's just MH that interests me), so Vita all the way. Mine wasn't new when I bought it either - I have no problem with second-hand stuff - but the sheer versatility of it vs the 3DS/2DS is a no-brainer.
Jun 23rd 2019 5:37pm
And I can't help to think that you're making a generalization, as you do, saying "The 2ds Xl is the most worth current portable console" - that's 100% taste. To ME - I'd take an old banged-up PSP fat instead of a new 2DS XL 10 times out of 10, since the games you mentioned, bar MH, like I said, are of no interest to me. All that is highly personal, so stating that something is worth this or that is a bit...silly...since everyone will have different tastes.
Jun 23rd 2019 5:44pm
Well of course I'm generlizing, I can't go and ask every person in the world about their preference and opinion, why wouldn't I generalize? When reviewers do it it's ok and many people even just watch the ending to see which in general wins, but when I do it, it's bad? Nah. Also I don't mind second hand, but there no second hand vita's in my country literarly can't find one, and I'm not paying upwards of 50-100 euro for delivery + customs + taxes from ebay, mostly the delivery and customs. Also a new SoC would be great, imagine the switch, but 2.5-3x times more powerful, for almost the same price, or the other Tegra X1 products. That'd be great. A77 is amazing and ARM are amazing, they make major performance and power consumption improvements on the same process nodes and that's a
Jun 23rd 2019 5:48pm
I too prefer Sony's catalog of games over Nintendo's, but I love both and on top of that the PSP is not current, I said current, not of all time.
Jun 23rd 2019 8:42pm
Chill, buddy, chill. I just wanted to point out that you hardly ever consider what people want, like and pay for - you always quote numbers and fancy terms that mean nothing to the end user. In this case, for example, I'd recommend a PSV or a PSP just because I bet the games those people are playing in MP on their phones are stuff like PUBG or RPGs, or similar, so those consoles could at least be substitutes in terms of a variety of shooters and dungeon crawlers that could be played together, unlike the DS. Besides, "current" also means games will be pricier, if one chooses to actually buy them, whereas PSP or PSV games are cheap on ebay. Luckily, the UK has plenty of stock of both...
Jun 23rd 2019 8:50pm
And yes, a new SoC with a proper GPU would be nice, but I kinda don't see that happening soon, considering that Nintendo's fancy flagship is rocking the X1 and sells like hotcakes anyway. Again with the "end users don't care" thing. You think that Switch owners know or care what hardware is inside? It plays games, they love it - who cares. And since it's plenty powerful (IIRC I managed to play PSP and some droid games like GTA LCS and CTW at 4K after sending a resolution debug code from my PC) - I'd happily have a portable with the X1. The's hardly even a portable... Not if you're used to the PSP/PSV/3DS.
Jun 23rd 2019 8:56pm
Why would you assume, I'm not chill? I'm chill as a hippy. And maybe not a new SoC from Nvidia, but AMD entered the mobile GPU market, so I can see them going for a mobile SoC of their own similar to the Tegra X1 but newer and more powerful in the furute. Which most likely will casue a response from Nvidia. And yeah that's why I called the switch Semi-Portable. If you can't fit it in a big pocket it's not fully portable imo.
Jun 23rd 2019 9:35pm
It's just the way you present yourself. We can always count on you for a negative comment, no matter the topic! XD (seriously) Anywho, I'd like a new portable. Can't stand mobile as a gaming platform - it's nothing but trash, false advertising and money grabs. All with inferior controls and bite-sized mind-numbing "gameplay". Perhaps Nintendo will release a truly portable Switch version as a refresh - I could get behind that. I don't need it to hook to a TV or have those flimsy detachable joycons (which break quite easily, as my friend found out twice now). Maybe there's that. It's getting damn fine games these days. If anything - I'd use it as a Diablo/Skyrim/Witcher3 machine xD
Jun 23rd 2019 9:46pm
Negative? I'm usually realistic about things, but I can't help that the things I'm realistic about are negative. I mean the internet feeds on negativity, I've read many times that negative content draws a lot more people than positive, but positive content about negative events, topics and so on draws the most. Also the rumors of a Switch Mini are perceiving, latest one was that a chinese company that makes gaming accessories posted/listed items on their site of Switch Mini cases and such. Also I'd use the Switch for the same 3x games, but add in Dark Souls and Nintendo's Exclusives XD
Jun 23rd 2019 9:47pm
@MaxPayne95 I wonder what your thoughts are on portable consoles.
Jun 23rd 2019 9:50pm
@psychoman yeah, Dark Souls too for me xD Exclusives - not so much, but then that's just me. Mario Odyssey looks fun tho! I also love DOOM, but I can't see myself ditching my beast PC with break-neck gameplay speed for an experience that's worse in literally every way on the Switch... Again - some ppl like it, but I'm an oldschool Quake III boy, so shooters are PC-only for me
Jun 23rd 2019 9:55pm
Now that I think of it... It would be amazing to see mouse support on Switch. It's running on a custom droid, after all. Maybe someone will be able to mod it in some day...
Jun 23rd 2019 10:00pm
Doom on the switch graphically looks ok, due to the small size of the screen, unless you glue your face to it you can't see the jaggies and low details, it's the joy-cons that suck, due to their terrible analog sticks. Also, I play shooters 99% only on PC too, since I suck with a controller, and I've played 99% of the shooters on PC and I love Quake 3 so much too. But on the other hand, to me, it's so much satisfying to play with a controller and also feels more realistic, because it actually takes time for the soldier to move his body and arms(on lower sensitivity), with a mouse it's so fast it's basically an instant point and click. And my bets are that soon there will be a K&M add-on for the Switch like there is for the PS2, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and I think Xbox One.
Jun 23rd 2019 10:44pm
My biggest problem with the switch is the battery life, 2 hours under the most demanding games and around 4 hours in less demanding games, that IMO isn't enough.
Jun 23rd 2019 10:55pm
Can't quite compare to the 6h you used to get on the PSP or even more on the 3DS. Battery life sucks these days. But that's all due to our fairly bad battery tech, as the development in that front isn't great, compared to the rest of hardware. As for the controller for shooters... Well, we're not looking for realism in DOOM or Quake, are we? The faster - the better, I say! Besides, trained marines can be damn FAST to aim guns, so even then I'd question the logic. Analogue sticks just suck for shooters no matter what, IMO.
Jun 23rd 2019 10:59pm
And ye, I glue my eyes to the screen. I like big screens covering my field of vision. Call me weird. Jaggies are no friends of mine. Plus we're not talking CRTs anymore, so on top of that you have sub-sampling blur when displaying anything below native on LCDs. Not a pretty sight. This is where I loved the PSP and Vita, because they always display games at native res, so they looked sharp, even if a total jaggy fest. This comes with the territory, I guess, since computer graphics puts meals on my table
Jun 25th 2019 3:28pm
Now this topic grew incredibly long. Nice Back to the mobile gaming topic. The only mobile games that I play on my phone are Yu-Gi-Oh Dual Links and Warframe app to get my resources when I can't log on on my laptop. The gameplay experience sucks when compared to desktop gaming hands down. Maybe if I had a better phone it wouldn't suck as much, but I don't think it would convert me to playing a lot of mobile games. I mostly use the phone for calls, texting and some light browsing that's about it. Also on the texting front I FUCKING HATE THE VIRTUAL KEYBOARDS. They are small and a pain to use.
Jun 25th 2019 3:44pm
@Gankutsuou Haha, I'm ok with a touch keyboard - QWERTY certainly is much faster to type on than T9 of the yester year, but it lost its tactile feel, so I can no longer text with my eyes closed or under the table like I used to at school What are your thoughts on mobile controllers (such as Moga) or portable consoles as a means to game on the go?
Jun 25th 2019 3:45pm
Yes, thanks @Gankutsuou for commenting as I lost this post and I couldn't open it. Also, I'd recommend to you YGO pro, it's free to play full Yu-Gi-Oh game with the actual rules and all the cards. And death to the on-screen virtual keyboards, I can't type fast... or even slow on them to save my life and on PC I type at 70-75 words a minute average... @xquatrox I absolutely agree that most screens look terrible when they are not at native resolution! Like native 720p looks much better than upscaled 900p on a 1080p screen for example. And yeah the PSP and its wonderful interesting 480x272 resolution, never gets old and to be honest that that small screen size at the distance I view the PSP(I hold my hands on my lap usually) it looks smooth-ish.
Jun 25th 2019 3:45pm
And that beautiful 6 hours+ battery life, especially in games that I can underclock the CPU and GPU and have it last 10+ hours, usually 2D games and emulators. XD
Jun 25th 2019 3:46pm
Also, I agree about Doom and Quake and UT they are meant for mice and keyboard for sure.
Jun 25th 2019 4:25pm
@Psychoman I can personally type on my S4 pretty fast. Perhaps not as fast as on the PC, but I'm not slow by any means. In fact - most of my comments here were typed up on the phone :) It's a matter of learning, I think, but I certainly wouldn't want a screen smaller than what I have on the S4 right now and I certainly mod my SwiftKey to be convenient, with extra key rows (arrows and numbers, etc). I'll tag you so you don't lose the thread :)
Jun 25th 2019 4:39pm
Thanks. and IDK, but I hate the swift keyboard, I had a much better time on Huawei's, but I'm pretty sure it's all about getting used to it, as I hated the Huawei one when I got the Huawei. It's not that I can't push the buttons fast, it's just that I push 3 at a time... and deleting is torture.
Jun 25th 2019 7:41pm
Well, for example, I'm replying to this comment on the phone and I can do it really fast. Typos I correct using the suggestions up-top, no auto-correct for me! (auto-correct is cancer...) Its either that my buttons are bigger or maybe my fingers are smaller... Or perhaps I've got a nice setup for the SwiftKey. Here's a screenie of the thing.
Jun 25th 2019 7:46pm
I suppose I'll also add that all this, of course, does not impact the gaming experience on mobile. For me the biggest problem is the on-screen controls. When I type on the keyboard - I can manage fine, because I barely need to view the letters, I know where they are, there's a dedicated area for the keys, etc. But with a game - I don't like obscuring the gameplay with my fingers. That and the total lack of any tactile feedback. Hence why I mentioned the Moga controllers time and again. Unfortunately, not all games even support controllers on mobile, and those that do - often don't hide the on-screen garbage controls, so you still get a pretty cluttered experience. That + ads & micro-trash...
Jun 25th 2019 7:46pm
Jun 25th 2019 10:59pm
give me TL:DR
Jun 26th 2019 12:12am
@ItsTheGamerEdit123 funny man... It's TL to even shorten
Jun 26th 2019 2:57pm
I got a Marvo GT62, it was good, especially for the dirt cheap price, but then it faced the wall when my brother gave it to a friend of his who tends to throw stuff a couple of years ago...
Jun 26th 2019 3:00pm
I got a 5.9-inch screen and the same set-up for my keyboard, but I guess my fingers are bigger or something, IDK, it's most likely my fault, but i can't fix myself no matter how much I type on a phone.
Jun 26th 2019 9:50pm
@xquatrox OH GOD NO
Jun 28th 2019 9:18am
@xquatrox I never used mobile controllers so I can't comment on em, tho I suppose they are usefully for certain games (Racing, 3rd person games etc..). @psychoman Going to check out the YGO pro you mentioned and see if they have a mobile variant. Thx for the into
Jul 1st 2019 8:56pm
@Gankutsuou the Moga Pro I have is very useful for emulation. That's about the best thing to do with a phone in terms of gaming these days. Actual "phone" games are trash... :/
Jul 2nd 2019 11:54am
@xquatrox Mostly true. We should probably archive this convo for the future. So when someone wants to search for the topic they'll see this and have an interesting read.
Jul 2nd 2019 1:23pm
@Gankutsuou Pin it? Lol.
Jul 3rd 2019 6:25pm
Nah, we need something better, like an option to link discussions on a page (like a wiki for GD posts). Try to find this convo out of the hundreds you've had in the past and you tell me that it's a bad idea.
Jul 3rd 2019 11:34pm
Saving the post via a bookmark on your profile.
Jul 4th 2019 2:17am
Could have an "interesting discussions" blog post with a bunch of links to various convos... @Gankutsuou @ItsTheGamerEdit123
Jul 4th 2019 5:25am
Might post this on the Discord server
Jul 5th 2019 4:17pm
I'll bookmark it, but I still think it would be a wise option to have it search-able like you can search for News, Members etc...



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