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finally had some time to at least take a pic of my 2019 rig desk setup :)
Jun 16th 2019 10:00am
Jun 16th 2019 10:01am
Jun 16th 2019 10:08am
Jun 16th 2019 10:17am
it barely fit my 165x60cm desk tho
Jun 16th 2019 10:42am
thats awesome. i miss my ultrawide lol
Jun 16th 2019 1:05pm
Jun 16th 2019 8:31pm
Nice, I need to get my setup this clean.
Jun 16th 2019 9:31pm
Nice! Which DAW is that?
Jun 16th 2019 10:52pm
@darknatexs Why did you get rid of your ultra-wide?
Jun 17th 2019 12:11am
Jun 17th 2019 4:41am
It looks nice.
Jun 17th 2019 5:02am
Jun 17th 2019 8:15am
@PCEGamer it's Reaper DAW with "Inquasar Dark Matter v.1.0"
Jun 17th 2019 8:16am
btw I use dat Faderport Classic on the left remapped to control overall volume on my system (with help of BOME MIDI toolkit)
Jun 17th 2019 5:39pm
What language is that in :-\
Jun 17th 2019 6:31pm
Pro Audio I guess
Jun 17th 2019 7:10pm
Regardless, your setup is sick



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