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I had Ads X adware on chrome and I didn't knew what was causing it. For a long time I ignored and today I uninstalled few softwares and extensions. It seems Youtube Color Scheme extension was the reason. But I'm not sure and it looks fine NOW, uptill.
Jul 17th 2019 11:46am
English pleases i cant understand
Jul 17th 2019 2:05pm
Haha! Which part you want to elaborate ?
Jul 17th 2019 11:58pm
Jul 18th 2019 12:33pm
Do you know what's Ads X adware ?
Jul 18th 2019 11:50pm
It's an adware. Probably has malware on it/
Jul 21st 2019 2:38pm
Just use Adblock Plus or some other version and fuck the adds. I only disable it on sites I like.
Jul 21st 2019 3:36pm
Yeah! Any adblock didn't blocked it. Not for me.
Jul 21st 2019 3:37pm
I had to uninstall some 3rd party extensions and it seems it was Youtube Background Color mode extension. That's the reasons which keeps me from customizing.
Jul 21st 2019 10:44pm
yee Get ublock origin
Jul 22nd 2019 9:14am
Also a valid option.




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