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What´s better with some blink? B450 or X470? Or is there a budget X570 with decent blink? It has to house a 1700 or 2700 Ryzen 7 CPU later. Depends, what is cheaper in my country.
Jul 19th 2019 8:42pm
forget x570, its very expensive and unnecessary unless you need pcie4.0 ssd speeds.
Jul 19th 2019 8:42pm
I dont understand what you mean with blink (rgb lights?). There is no budget x570 boardas far as i know. Best option is probably a X470 (more usb connections, yaay).
Jul 19th 2019 8:42pm
dou you plan to overclock the cpu?
Jul 19th 2019 8:56pm
MSI B450 gaming pro carbon
Jul 19th 2019 10:09pm
btw i recommend a ryzen 5 3600 instead, its faster than both and more efficient for not much more money.
Jul 20th 2019 4:16am
I have to stick with at least 8 cores 16 threads, because I plan to use it as Multiseat-PC. 4 x Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse. The Blink refers to RGB. Not necessarily colorful disco lights. I got a Deepcool Matrexx 30. My glas panel case.
Jul 20th 2019 4:21am
I did only once overclock an old AMD Athlon II 3X, by increasing the base clock speed. After I faced blue screen once in a while I increased the voltage. Then it happened rarely, so I gave it a tick more core voltage. Then it stood stable.
Jul 20th 2019 7:17am
X570 is positioned over x470, so with both be sold at the same time. That means they also be more expensive. X470 will give you a lot options and some lower prices boards are close to b450 prices.
Jul 20th 2019 9:35am
@zakijesk The MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON at similar price point like is unfortunately sold out.




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