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Don't shout hardware info often but this is serious enough if you are considering buying anything 5G. Don't, the tech can't handle summer heat. Link
Jul 21st 2019 4:56pm
I can't handle the heat either when will summer be over....
Jul 21st 2019 7:56pm
i am working on the sun 7h every day in week and yea i cannot wait for summer to be over as well
Jul 21st 2019 10:40pm
I escaped to England, quite unintentionally, but boy am i glad now! 5G is also creepy as all heck. Not going near it if i can help it.
Jul 22nd 2019 8:34am
@HankBaxter You can choose not to buy the phones and hardware, but you've got very limited options if other ppl do and you're around them.




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