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I'm about to finish Sinking City (I had some break), and I'm taking a look at "Sekiro" as next game of this year, anyone played it to tell me if it's worth the run?
Jul 21st 2019 6:09pm
I didn't but a friend of mine has, and as a real fan of solus like games, he recommends it a lot due to the good gameplay and gaming experience overall. It's a bit frustrating but definetely worth it
Jul 21st 2019 6:21pm
I'm not a fan of Dark Souls like games, so I haven't played Sekiro. My brother though is, and he believes that Sekiro is a masterpiece in pretty much every way. Challenging and difficult but never unfair. Extremely tight and satisfying combat, movement and controls, and fairly long. Definitely a great game for anyone who loves DS, and especially for those who think DS is a bit slow. I don't remember last time in a fair number of years seeing him be so happy to play a game.
Jul 21st 2019 6:31pm
@tzzsmk Absolutely Sekiro IMO is a must-play. If you've played SoulsBorne games, forget about them, it's different, yet just as fun, satisfying and amazing. @TheEmperor96 The description of Sekiro your brother gave you applies to the souls games too.
Jul 21st 2019 6:37pm
@psychoman He loves both, and I believe they're probably very similar to what he said. Sekiro is much faster though, he says, and he loves the fact that he doesn't have to worry about weapon and armor management and upgrades of the same. Just pure focus on the game and the gameplay which to him is tighter, more precise and just better.
Jul 21st 2019 7:52pm
i did played itm but i will stick to Nioh for now, as its unforgiving for people that has dead reflexes like i do, in soul games you can at least farm souls to upgrade your char so that you can take on a boss while in Sekiro if you want to upgrade to take on a boss you have to kill the boss so yea..
Jul 21st 2019 8:08pm
well, I sincerely hated DS II, I wanted to try Bloodborne, but it's not available on PC, I read some brief reviews about Sekiro, and it could be more enjoyable with the stealth elements and vertical gameplay options...
Jul 21st 2019 8:23pm
yes but stealth elements are useless against bosses which is the main thing in games like thos
Jul 22nd 2019 1:27pm
Sekiro shares a few gameplay elements with DS but its WAY better Its much more fast paced, involves a fair it of stealth based gameplay (many bosses and mini bosses can be stealthed but not all) and demands a lot of practise and instinctive gameplay from you. Its really got and not hard in an unfair way. If you died, its literally because you didnt pick up on the strategy. Some enemies require you to attack them non stop, others more caution and some a mix of both
Jul 23rd 2019 9:36pm
dayum that Sekiro game ain't easy sh!t, I haven't even got past first boss lol
Jul 23rd 2019 9:42pm
@Tzzsmk You shouldn't get discouraged, practice, practice, practice and you will have one of the most satisfying games to play ever. :)
Jul 23rd 2019 9:56pm
depends from person to person as i had same feel when i win and lose the boss, rage and cursing are there in both scenarios
Jul 23rd 2019 9:58pm
@david988 Damn, I find SoulsBorne games and Sekiro such a chill experience. Some of the calmest games I've ever played, with only very few sections or bosses that are intense.
Jul 23rd 2019 9:59pm
I think I don't understand the mechanics yet, and also I'm more happy with longe-range-attack games mostly :)) I finished Sinking City today, feeling really disappointed about it :/




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