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I fancy this new design changes that are happening, they look very slick and modern. I hope you unclutter the situation a bit more too because I still feel you're kinda bombarded by more information than is necessary.
Aug 16th 2019 7:33pm
Thanks buddy, yeah just trying to tidy some things up and exactly what you said, declutter. The problem is I am getting a tonne of pressure from Google as it axes our traffic
Aug 16th 2019 9:25pm
there are still some empty space on screen on a 1080p monitor (black bars on the sides) maybe something could be done with that too?
Aug 17th 2019 12:23am
Imagine me on a 1440p screen :) But responsive web designs with lots of content modules are not easy to manage properly. Consider, and I know this for a fact, that some people are visiting this site on 900p and 720p displays, as that is what they own. It's not an easy task to make everyone's screen happy :)
Aug 17th 2019 3:48pm
Especially when you have to take in mobile/tablet devices as well, with all their smaller screens and touchscreen input.
Aug 17th 2019 3:50pm
Yup the mobile site could use some TLC as well.




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