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i need advice for a friends rig we are going with MSI X470 Gaming Plus and 2x8GB HyperX Predator DDR4 3200MHz but now the problem is the cpu 7 1700x is 150€ 7 1800x is 205€ 7 2700x is 230€ is 25€ worth the peformance you get from 2700x over 1800x or is 80€ worth between 1700x and 2700x?
Aug 16th 2019 9:13pm
What about a ryzen 5 3600 at 230€? Or is this for a non gaming rig and he needs the 8 cores ? the 3600 is faster than all of these in gaming
Aug 16th 2019 9:14pm
are the non X versions an option? they can OC almost to the same levels and are cheaper
Aug 16th 2019 9:15pm
btw+1 for the r5 3600
Aug 16th 2019 9:16pm
R7 2700 mate or R5 2600, simple as that. The "X" is pointless. Or r5 1600.
Aug 16th 2019 9:20pm
Ryzen 2600 or 2700. Don't go for the X, it's just a waste of money.
Aug 16th 2019 9:25pm
i agree with tforulez the r5 3600 is a beast if this is only for gaming otherwise the 2600 is 160€ the 2700 is the same price as 3600 but performs worse its not worth the purchase imo
Aug 17th 2019 12:36am
@tforulez i5 8600k is better then i5 9600k are you sure thos charts are right? and i told him everything you guys sayed here and he decided to go for 5 3600 none x
Aug 17th 2019 1:23am
@david988 they are the same CPU only difference is 4.4 turbo(all core) on the 9600k vs the 4.1 turbo on the 8600k but that 300Mhz doesnt do much in games they perform the same at stock speeds. The different is less than 1% which is usually "margin of error" anyway.
Aug 17th 2019 2:27am
which is also interesting is that here 9600k is cheeper then 8600k 9600K - 212€ 8600k - 230€ 7600k - 239€ something is really off here
Aug 17th 2019 6:44am
Yeah the 9th gen tends to be cheaper here too
Aug 17th 2019 8:12am
Fun fact, an i5-6600k costs almost as much as an i5-9600kf ^^
Aug 17th 2019 8:17am
6600k - 222€ 7600k - 278€ 8600k - 281€ 9600k - 233€ 9600kf - 234€ just crazy
Aug 17th 2019 10:37am
@david988 yes cause 8th gen isn't being made anymore only 9th gen (even though 8600k=9600k) @tforulez same thing for the 6600k it's just been discountined for awhile so they have a few and stock and have kept prices high in my country nothing other than 9th gen is avalaible for purchase (and ryzen)
Aug 17th 2019 10:40am
Also Intel had those shortage issues with 14nm for awhile 10-6 months ago so the prices were higher when i bought my 8600k it was 300€ (december last year) but now its out of stock and the 9600kf is 230€ so theyve dropped prices as they fixed those shortage issues.
Aug 17th 2019 5:27pm
Check price/performance ratio of these CPU's. I suggest go for 1700x or 2700x depending on needs and how often do you upgrade. I would personaly go for 1700x since it is cheap and got simmilar multithread performance of i7-6900k that is plenty in my opinion. But if upgrading rarely (more than 3 years) go for 2700x
Aug 17th 2019 5:33pm
@zippwer the x is pointless mate, the r7 2700 has 97-100% the performance of a r7 2700x...




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