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HBM2E Basically the next generation.
Aug 17th 2019 6:11am
actually nevermind. It's not HBM3. lol It's a mid generational uplift.
Aug 17th 2019 8:01am
Sadly seems like the price will remain the same for HBM2 & E type memory.
Aug 17th 2019 10:34am
Yeah. Disappointing. But HBM 3 is expected to reduce pricing once that hits mass production
Aug 17th 2019 1:29pm
Well, it's a half-generation, 50% higher bandwidth, but twice the GB per dollar, which is, to be honest, more like 1.75x generation, but still.
Aug 17th 2019 10:11pm
It's still a nice improvement.
Aug 17th 2019 11:27pm
Aug 19th 2019 9:29am
Here's to the future with HBM3 and 4




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