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here i am again, now for my second friend, he has a question, recently he has built a low budget pc from scrap and tested the cpu without thermal paste and put on top some very old heatsink with a fan just to test if the rig works. Now heres the thing he ran the pc with a bootable windows and after checking everything he went to see the temps, the cpu was running at 101c and he imediaetly shut down the pc. The cpu is i7 3770 and it can go up to 105c , now hes just wondering did he damage it because of that, the whole thing lasted 20 mins before he noticed. Not planing to finish it soon and run it because hes missing a few parts.
Aug 17th 2019 8:30pm
minor damage and shortening of the life span, but running ivy bridge CPUs at above 82.4C lowers the life span of the chip, 101C is quite close to critical failure.
Aug 17th 2019 8:33pm
did he put any load onto the CPU like played a game or ran a stress test? It would make sense since it got so hot but otherwise its fine ivy bridge had 110C Tjmax from what i remember and he probably shaved off a little life span but its fine next time just tell him to use thermal paste
Aug 17th 2019 8:58pm
He just booted the system , didnt doo anything special, he did turn on turbo clock tho
Aug 17th 2019 9:00pm
it should be fine if there was no load on it its not a problem it is an issue why it was running so hot without any load on it even if it had no thermal paste maybe the voltage is too high? The one thing that will for sure damage a CPU and significantly reduce lifespan is too high voltage do you know what it was?
Aug 17th 2019 9:13pm
@IlluminatiEyes Ivy bridge reports Tjunction temperature?
Aug 17th 2019 9:17pm
@psychoman on Intel CPU's if you use HWmonitor CPU package temp is the hotspot temp or Tjunction. Same for FX from what i remember i dont know about Ryzen theyve got a lot of temp readings from what i've seen but yeah ivy bridge was "safe" up to 105C,110C kinda how Apple runs Coffee Lake at 90-100C constantly
Aug 17th 2019 9:18pm
and then throttles them under load in their laptops. Obviously not ideal but CPU's are made like workhorses especially those older sandy bridge,ivy bridge ones they could go up to 1.5V+ at 5Ghz if you got lucky they were built like tanks but running that hot will reduce lifespan from i dont know 20+ years down to 10ish
Aug 17th 2019 9:20pm
this is pure speculation as CPU degradation goes from the end of the lifespan and they are typically rated for 20+ years at stock so even heavy overclocks live a long time provided you are lucky and dont damage the CPU with high voltage which is entirely possible
Aug 17th 2019 9:23pm
whops i meant HWinfo not HWmonitor. Anyway a buddy of mine still has a 2500k at 4.8Ghz running for nearly 9 years he will probably retire it soon and switch but its certainly lasted a long time
Aug 17th 2019 10:43pm
1.2xx Voltage, forgot. Wasnt that big, the board is optiplex 7010 sff
Aug 17th 2019 10:46pm
yeah it should be fine nothing to worry about just tell him to buy some thermal paste like mx4 and use it next time XD
Aug 18th 2019 2:00pm
As far as I know the CPU would shut down the system if it went over the limit. My friend once "gamed" for months with massive thermal throttling because his CPU paste got knocked apart when transporting the PC. 100'C for ages. His CPU was a 2nd gen i7, don't remember the model. Only recently did he upgrade to a 9900K, but not because of a failure or anything. The CPU will be fine, I think.
Aug 18th 2019 7:36pm
@IlluminatiEyes we are ususally buying stuff from used market here so he just wanted to test it does it work at all
Aug 18th 2019 7:43pm
@david988 yeah thats absolutetly fine nothing wrong with that but just buy like 8G of mx4 itll cost you like 8€ it should last for like 30-50 applications or 4G for 5€ or if you dont have that one get something similar its always good to have extra thermal paste
Aug 18th 2019 9:09pm
Every Intel CPU since Core 2 duo and newer have protection from overheating so if CPU reaches near limit it will lower its speed or worst case turn off PC to prevent fatal damage. Keeping temps high (~100C) for long enough will shorten its lifespawn but for half hour or less it should not be a problem
Aug 18th 2019 9:20pm
Hell I got a Core 2 Quad Q6600 from a friend who been running that CPU at max temperature (because of broken cooler) for a year until he decided to sell PC since it was running super slow :D New thermal paste etc. and it runs much better :D Also performance stays same as the other Q6600's




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