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@info_68117/why-i-turned-down-exclusivity-deal-from-the-epic-store-developer-of-darq-7ee834ed0ac7" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> Definitely do take this with a grain of salt, but it's again Epic doing one thing while saying the other.
Aug 18th 2019 8:01pm
So according to the dev here, Epic's talking their added choices and finally a competition in the Store market on PC, while not wanting to sell smaller indie titles unless they sign the exclusivity contracts.
Aug 18th 2019 8:04pm
You have a choice which is either only Epic, or everything else without Epic. The way I see it, they can't necessarily bully over all the bigger devs, but when it comes to indies and upcoming devs, they tell them to either accept ...
Aug 18th 2019 8:06pm
... the exclusivity contract or f*ck themselves away from their store. In essence, we give gamers a choice to buy wherever they want from, but not really.
Aug 18th 2019 10:59pm
We at Epic are here to make sure the monopoly on digital PC game stores is not held by only one company and we're doing so by providing another place you can buy your games so that you have a choice and that there's a fair competition on the market. In order to undermine that monopoly and provide you with those choices we're trying to make sure that every game sold on our store is exclusive to it! Because to us choices matter, and you most of all!
Aug 21st 2019 11:36am
Epic: Fighting an imaginary monopoly by trying to create a real one.
Aug 21st 2019 9:25pm
And everyone cheers them for it.




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