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3 separate articles for GeForce RTX on the home page. I think I'm gonna be sick
Aug 20th 2019 11:32am
Well, it's the most recent step forward in gaming. Of course they are trying to sell their products. Don't blame GD writters, it's not their fault that Nvidia is making new announcements here and there all day.
Aug 20th 2019 11:35am
Yeah, it's beginning to look like it's a keeper
Aug 20th 2019 1:17pm
Hah well it would've been a single article but they drip-fed the first few announcements, that's why the newest one is just everything else
Aug 21st 2019 11:46am
Not much grandiose news to cover from the AMD/Intel fronts at this time is all. No need to feel sick over RTX.




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