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Did anyone had/have this problem? Details The DNS name does not exist. Error Code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND Im triny to run and this is happening and I cant access it. How to fix it?
Aug 21st 2019 9:08pm
Hi, you can try changing your DNS. Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Centre -> Click on the connection you're using (Probably says ethernet or wifi) -> Properties -> Click on the IPv4 option and then properties again -> Try entering a new DNS. I use Cloudflares DNS and it's currently regarded as the fastest. Cloudflare ( and or Google ( and I tried loading though and that doesn't want to load for me either, so google might be having issues with that domain
Aug 21st 2019 10:15pm
I don't know. On other PC's and phone I can enter even on internet explorer I can enter from windows 10. But in Edge I cant/ Also i'm not sure if I want to change the DNS since I don't know what to do. I will contact my internet provider tmr and see what they've to say. If nothing else I will change them. Thank you.
Aug 21st 2019 10:20pm
No problem, I forgot to say to restart your PC after changing your DNS. is probably country locked then and that's why it won't load for me. Other google homepages work fine for me though
Aug 21st 2019 10:29pm
I don't know if its locked or not. Usually bulgarians use it and for that. At least is working and its on bulgarian language. If google shut down then its fine, but will see whats up tmr. Also i just checked via my laptop's wifi and it doenst work in IE on w7, but is working. Strange. A couple hours ago it worked...
Aug 21st 2019 10:41pm
Yeah, that's pretty weird. They might just be doing maintenance though, but it's pretty unusual that they would turn it off for that
Aug 22nd 2019 10:01pm
and after doing basically nothing hole day I can finally use :\
Aug 22nd 2019 10:04pm
Yeah, I think it might've been an issue with Google, because I just tested it now and it loads perfectly fine for me
Aug 23rd 2019 1:26pm
Probably. Who knows.
Aug 25th 2019 7:50am
If google is being a pain give duckduckgo a try. Decent search engine and I always find the stuff I need. + it doesn't spy on you like gidiot.




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