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You can move your Destiny 2 account to Steam now. You won't be able to play on Steam till the 1st of October though. Here's the link to move so long
Aug 21st 2019 11:54pm
Desperate attempts to increase the player count I see.
Aug 22nd 2019 12:18am
Well, it's not part of EA anymore, Bungie owns all the rights for the game now. It would probably be considered desperate if it was EA, but they can't keep it on the Blizzard launcher anymore... so Steam is one of the few logical choices for them I'm pretty excited to see what they change when it does come to Steam though
Aug 22nd 2019 11:10pm
Destiny 2 belonged to Activision-Blizzard, I understand what you mean though. My bet is that few changes and additions are left for Destiny 2(unless they've announced something I'm not aware of) and they are most likely working on their next game.
Aug 22nd 2019 11:23pm
I don't know, but I guess we'll see what happens. They said they were so happy and celebrated when they got the full rights for the game. I think they'll probably continue to support and update the game for the next two or so years. They already have DLC releasing this year and then have stuff planned for the next year
Aug 22nd 2019 11:37pm
Oh, then it will have great support, which is very cool. I don't have time for an MMO myself sadly(though if I did it'd be WoW XD).
Aug 23rd 2019 12:01am
WoW is a massive game. Good luck if you ever decide to play it
Aug 23rd 2019 6:50am
I played the trial version of the game for 14 days. It's huge and showing no signs that it's expansions will stop in the near future.
Aug 23rd 2019 1:51pm
@D3ATHKeepr I've been playing WoW since 2007 and The Burning Crusade patch 2.1, with me playing each and every patch up to and including 5.1, afterward I stopped until 5.4 then I came back in 5.4 and played in 6.0, 6.2, 7.3, 7.3.5, 8.0, 8.1 and 8.1.5 and took a break due to university exams and other stuff. Was very hyped about 8.2 but I guess I'm skipping it. @Gankutsuou don't worry mate blizzard has made it so you breeze through the old expansions and easily get to the new expansion. Sadly for me and many people, old expansion content becomes irrelevant when the new expansion comes out, but that does save time played.
Aug 23rd 2019 1:58pm
You probably invested a ton of time in the game then. Well, it's always good if people find a game they really enjoy.
Aug 23rd 2019 2:20pm
Sleep deprivation is your best friend when short on time XD And yes I've put a ton of time, but for WoW hours, I'm quite low compared to even people that stopped playing in 2011. And I only played hardcore for one expansion. And modern expansions don't require you to play more than 10-20 hours a week to enjoy their content, unless going for mythic raiding, which is less than worth it since legion. Normal and Heroic is what I do nowadays, especially if you just want to do Normal difficulty raids and +7-9 dungeons which is all I did in the latest expansion. On top of that since Legion PVP has died to me, so I don't even PVP anymore and won't until they re-design it again.
Aug 23rd 2019 2:31pm
Do they have any plans to redesign again or are you only hoping they do?
Aug 23rd 2019 4:10pm
Nope, there's a huge backlash against the current PVP systems and the current PVP time to kill and the overall pace of the fights. But chances are that they won't fix it until the next expansion. They've had tons of trouble since Activision fired 880 employees and after Activision basically took over Blizzard.
Aug 23rd 2019 4:13pm
Activision really knows how to destroy companies and games Hopefully the PVP gets fixed for you in the next update then




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