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There's a new GPU coming to the market from a Chinese company. It's meant to compete with AMD and Nvidia. It's called the "jingjia JM9271"
Aug 23rd 2019 4:02pm
Yes, but thanks to patenting and stuff, IIRC it doesn't support DirectX and Vulkan. Not to mention that at least this GPU won't be for public sales, right? But I'm all for them, long live China, because China screws overall greedy western companies and keeps their profits and prices in check. Just look at smartphones, laptops and PCs.
Aug 23rd 2019 4:15pm
Wait, they can't even use Vulkan? I thought the point of Vulkan was to be open source so anyone can use it? Yeah, China really has some great products. Xiaomi and Huawei has been killing it in the cellphone market, but Huawei has definitely gotten more expensive recently
Aug 23rd 2019 4:52pm
Well, it's not that Vulkan is not available to them, it's just that they are lacking instructions to run it most-likely. Licenses and patents must expire that's all I gotta say. Because they are keeping technology from evolving.
Aug 23rd 2019 5:02pm
Yeah, but there are some workarounds for DirectX. I can't remember the specifics of it, but it "converts" the DX to Vulkan and I don't think at has that big of a performance hit
Aug 23rd 2019 5:44pm
they are called converters indeed. We can wait, they will be better with future generations and VIA is coming out with strong x86-64 CPUs in the next couple of years, I just hope they hit the western market soon.
Aug 23rd 2019 5:46pm
BTW the jingjia GPU is on 28nm(gen 4 I think) and their equivalent to gtx 1080 has a TDP of 200W whereas the gtx 1080 has a TDP of 180, now of course as I said the jingjia has fewer instructions, but still goes to show that just improving a process node might be as good as if not better than going to a new one, considering that 28nm in 2019 is dirt cheap in comparison.
Aug 23rd 2019 6:02pm
Yeah, it's pretty good for their first GPU. VIA looks pretty great, but I'm not too excited for it. If they were in sockets and upgradable like current PC hardware then I would be a lot more excited. It's still pretty interesting. IBM has their own CPUs too, but they are way too expensive at the moment. They do seem to have sockets, so that's good. ARM are also in the server market at the moment, but it still doesn't allow CPU upgrades.
Aug 23rd 2019 6:11pm
I'm well aware of IBM's CPUs and they are really good, but they are NOT x86-64 and since IBM is making tons of money just from the server-side of things, chances are that they won't even come to the desktop. Again lack of software also makes it harder to use them. ARM, on the other hand, I'm excited about, they are improving greatly generation over generation and year over year, but all they need now is software support. And VIA doesn't have sockets as they are yet to launch a proper desktop platform, same with ARM. Now since next gen consoles are yet again x86-64, ARM will have trouble breaching into the gaming scene, but the switching is using an ARM CPU(outdated as it might be) and it's showing how well games run. On top of that now with .Net Core being cross-platform it's gonna be
Aug 23rd 2019 6:11pm
it's gonna be much better in the future as developers will write the same code and on the same framework for multiple different ISAs.
Aug 23rd 2019 6:17pm
There are a few servers that use ARM and I want to say Google has a few that uses ARM, but I might be thinking of a different CPU. Yeah, software support will unfortunately always be an issue. Luckily there's always a ton of people on Linux and other operating systems working on updating and adding more support for new and old hardware
Aug 23rd 2019 6:35pm
For Servers ARM is becoming very big. By software support, I meant public client software, you know games, productivity software and such, a good OS that is not a mobile OS. For example, windows 10 would be nice if it ran natively on ARM and i think Microsoft is developing just that.
Aug 23rd 2019 6:47pm
Didn't Microsoft already release an ARM64 version of Window 10 for the Pie or was that community created?
Aug 23rd 2019 7:12pm
I think that's what they are developing now or was that for smartphones... I don't remember, I've lost track.
Aug 23rd 2019 7:30pm
Yeah, I haven't really looked into it for a while. I just definitely know Windows 10 was on the Pie and that's ARM
Aug 25th 2019 10:02am
ARM is already in 7nm but with each Cortex release, they had instructions and improve the process node through intense optimization. I'm waiting for future high end ARM CPUs where battery is not a concern.




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