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Okay. Ive had enough with this windows 10 bullsh*t updates. This update took 2h+- for my life to do it and after the update I got another restart alert... Any system OC u recommend? I'm planning on migrating to Linux anytime soon...
Aug 23rd 2019 10:47pm
Also if I will be able to game on Linux...
Aug 23rd 2019 11:14pm
Every time someone complains about W10 updates I wonder what the hell did I do not to experience those problems. I get updates fairly frequently but they very rarely take longer than 2-3 minutes at most. Linux is definitely not a bad choice, and with Steams Proton it might very well be viable as a gaming system too although I've not tried Proton and I can't vouch for it.
Aug 23rd 2019 11:26pm
well ive never tried Linux or any other system besides windows. Also the update might've not come for u yet. But I waited a couple of hours to finish this game and when I was going to turn off my pc another update came... The ability to not be able turn off windows updates is stupid... Ive turned off windows updates on my laptop and im happy with it.
Aug 23rd 2019 11:59pm
ill probably just have to deal with windows updates.
Aug 24th 2019 12:36am
I would recommend Manjaro, because it's pretty up-to-date and stable. I like the KDE version, but you can choose any you like. Just note that people have been complaining about Gnome getting slower. Steam has really good support for all games, because they made Proton to help with Linux. For anything not on Steam you can use Lutris and I think that automatically gives the best settings for the games to make it run well. Not in game settings, but just to the thing that makes DirectX game possible and stuff. Keep in mind that any game with Easy Anti-Cheat probably won't work, because Epic Games bought it over and stopped Linux support "for now". For programs I would recommend LibreOffice (OpenOffice is outdated), GIMP is pretty good for photo editing and DaVinci Resolve is pretty good for any video editing. I can't think of any thing else I would need to say, but those are some alternatives for Microsoft Word and Adobe if you use them. Most other programs probably have a Linux version. Just be warned that people have been complaining about Nvidia A LOT on Linux and have usually just sold their Nvidia GPU to replace it with an AMD GPU, because AMD has open source drivers and the support for it is just a lot better.
Aug 24th 2019 12:39am
You can also just use this program I created a while back. It still works for me and I just open it every now and then to turn updates on and update my windows
Aug 24th 2019 12:41am
Gaming on Linux sucks, you are stuck with windows sorry mate and there isn't very good user-friendly software for Linux. That said, Linux is a much better OS than windows.
Aug 24th 2019 12:48am
Gaming on Linux is a lot better, especially thanks to Steam. Windows is a lot easier though, but that might just be because you already know where everything in Windows is. I don't really understand what you mean with the user-friendly part though, because a bunch of Linux distros come with an app store pre-installed which makes it a lot easier for new users to install stuff.
Aug 24th 2019 1:19am
nope, a friend literally tried it out a month ago, cuz he listened to some Linux fanboy. Not working games, stutters even at high FPS, crashes... mot cool at all. Also meant more like productivity software and drivers, all sort of drivers suck major balls. Then it comes to websites that just don't work well on linux, software that finally got to linux but has problems(discord). Thankfully he experienced it instead of me, I myself tried using linux years ago for work only and then MonoDevelop just made me regret even thinking for a second of leaving Visual Studio.
Aug 24th 2019 1:19am
it's not that linux sucks, it's the software for linux that sucks.
Aug 24th 2019 1:34am
That's pretty strange. I don't use Linux myself, I just use it a lot in virtual machines and on a spare laptop. It doesn't have that feature of auto installing all drivers like windows does, but my experience with it has been pretty good. Admittedly not all games work, but you can see a list here of all the games supported on Proton and a list here with all the supported games on Lutris. If you have Nvidia then you're basically guaranteed to have a worse experience, because Nvidia doesn't give it proper support. FireFox, VLC and most other programs I've mentioned work pretty well on Linux too. I've never heard of MonoDevelop, but I know Microsoft did release Visual Studio Code and that works in Linux. I don't know about the website part, but that wouldn't make much sense. It would probably just be the browser if websites didn't show properly, but I personally haven't experienced that on any virtual machine I installed. I know discord in general has issues and I haven't tried it on Linux. Linux itself is pretty amazing though and it has made massive improvements the last 2 years, especially in gaming.
Aug 24th 2019 2:26pm
If you want to stick With Win 10 but hate the updates and privacy issues, just get Win 10 build 1607 LTSB even though old builds don't get newest updates the LTSB still gets them and you can select to get only security and bug fix updates.
Aug 24th 2019 2:28pm
Also the updates is less freaquent and take lot less time to finish them Usually it takes for me up to ~20 min on hard drive
Aug 24th 2019 2:30pm
If you want some bonus performance and privacy improvements. Try out Just run it once and remove it
Aug 24th 2019 2:36pm
And if you plan to go for Linux: 1. Ubuntu if you want it simple and working. 2 Mint if you are a power user who want to have simmilar looks to Windows. 3. Manjaro if you want to go for Linux and gaming
Aug 24th 2019 3:50pm
you might wanna check GlassWire or some other hardcore firewall app to block Windows interaction with internet; Windows 10 is garbage OS, but for games anything else is inferior, so IF you want to play games, you are basically stuck with Windows 10; speaking of Linux, feel free to download some ISO, make it bootable usb stick, and boot it - you can try Linux without installing it, that efficient it is (compared to Windows); I recommend either Manjaro or Linux Mint, those are most user friendly for people used to Windows
Aug 24th 2019 4:04pm
Just get an SSD if you don't have already. Win10 on a hdd is a real nightmare.
Aug 24th 2019 4:46pm
i agree with tforulez using an HDD in 2019 is pure hell i remember installing updates on an HDD only system legit took almost 2 hours while SSD took less than 20 minutes. Dont blame windows 10 for using ancient hardware XD
Aug 24th 2019 4:49pm
"Win10 on a hdd is a real nightmare" when I was saying that 4 years ago, nobody believed me
Aug 24th 2019 4:50pm
speaking of Win10 updates duration, a friend of mine just bought a new laptop some time ago, HP 440 G5 I think, with 250GB SSD, and Win10 updates this week took about 4 hours lol
Aug 24th 2019 4:50pm
so far record is 7 hours for minor update by one of my colleagues at work PC
Aug 24th 2019 6:21pm
@Tzzsmk I found windows 8 and 7 a real nightmare on a HDD as well XD
Aug 24th 2019 7:32pm
If updates took that long on any of my systems - I'd be pulling my own hair for sure. But I don't have those issues... And my rigs are fairly complex as well.
Aug 24th 2019 8:24pm
ill be with w10 and ive to deal with it....
Aug 24th 2019 8:40pm
I think you can also delay updates for 4 months or something like that, that way less bugs plus you can install it at a convenient time
Aug 24th 2019 10:49pm
I think I saw that u can delay updates but like for 7 days or so which isn't much... updates or not here I come. Also I bought new SSD and im backing up all my data on flash drive. Literally downloading old stuff from One drive website which is slow AF and backing up from my PC. ALso can I boot windows 10 from USB which have files on it? Like 20GB of files + windows.Will I be able to boot windows?
Aug 24th 2019 10:51pm
So far I thought blocking windows updates from the firewall, but the only files u can block are the files uve installed. :(((((((((
Aug 24th 2019 10:52pm
I think to show a boot difference with HDD and with SSD after all its done :D. The only difference that might get is that on the 2nd attempt I wont have anything installed.
Aug 25th 2019 9:52am
@mm123456 onedrive is really fast for me but then again i have fast internet. Also which SSD did you buy depending on the brand and model it can be still slow?
Aug 25th 2019 10:15am
samsung evo 860 280 gb or so... also do I need to remove my windows 8.1 key which I used to activate my windows 10 when swapping my windows from hdd to sdd?
Aug 25th 2019 10:16am
Also im above my 5GB capacity of 1 drive lik 15GB+ and probably because it is frozen for that to be slow. Also when u are above your capacity files dont synchronize.
Aug 25th 2019 10:23am
@mm123456 yeah thats true i have 100GB capacity in onedrive when i got my SSD also 860 evo but 500GB capacity and yes once you exceed ondedrive capacity it wont sync,also im unsure about windows 10 license as i update from win 8.1 to win 10 in 2015 without any issues,
Aug 25th 2019 10:32am
I got free 1tb onedrive because i am a student or something, thanks to my university. It isn't too slow here
Aug 25th 2019 10:39am
Same. I updated from my windows 8.1 to windows 10 and all was fine. I will test it and see how it goes. If not I will complain to MS.
Aug 25th 2019 3:09pm
@xquatrox I'm pretty sure majority of those long update issues are caused by language packs, time zone, regional settings etc.. because I noticed running "basic" en-us builds are updating faster every time
Aug 25th 2019 6:21pm
dude SSD will change your life.I would settle for a 256gb or 500gb 2.5 inch with bracket if board supports M.2 even better. if you can get for a decent price
Aug 25th 2019 6:23pm
I got an SSD, but I can't mount it in my case and I need to go to the firm I purchased my PC to see what they can tell me about it. Also will I be able to get my files on the usb drive? I got like 20GB back up on it and when I used media creation tool I see only the files required for windows 10 installation.
Aug 25th 2019 6:24pm
the other option if price is a problem and you need space Seagate Firecuda 3.5inch Hybrid drive is a option Not as fast as a SSD but price wise reasonable and not that slow
Aug 25th 2019 6:25pm
you need to buy a SSD Bracket
Aug 25th 2019 8:53pm
I got ssd bracket but for some reason I cant mount it on my Raidmax Cobra case..
Aug 25th 2019 9:27pm
oh crap :(
Aug 25th 2019 9:52pm
I can recommend you get a case that has slots the new raidmax cases have ssd brackets already.
Aug 26th 2019 6:47am
@mm123456 who needs brackets when you can use few screws or even better use duct tape
Aug 26th 2019 8:02am
you don't even need to screw the SSD to secure it in place, drive has no moving parts so you can just tape it or even leave it lying in case, not problem with that :)
Aug 27th 2019 12:05am
Yea you can keep it loose but it does not look nice and could affect air flow a little bit. I would just tape SSD at the other side of case (where you do cable management) that way it stays secure and complerely hidden, but it depends on personal preference
Aug 30th 2019 2:57pm
i was on a vacation so I couldn't wrote back. I found the holes where I put the screws on it so it is all good. Sadly the reils I got from the case is lost gone and it was harder to install...
Sep 1st 2019 8:17pm
I thought about the duck tape, but it will be bad for the airflow in the case.. and I said no.




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