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does anyone have any good clicker adventure game to recommend like Deponia The Complete Journey or Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans?
May 29th 2020 8:13pm
I really did enjoy The Walking Dead Telltale seris...
May 29th 2020 8:33pm
already played almost all of Telltale games, what i am looking for is something more 2d and cartonish looking games
May 29th 2020 11:13pm
this isn't exactly like Deponia or Warcraft but I enjoyed it, it's more of a puzzle concentration game called Papers Please
May 29th 2020 11:55pm
really not the kidn of game i was looking for tho it indeed looks interesting
May 30th 2020 6:50am
Here's a list of games that sort of fit the bill, so go and explore.
Jun 1st 2020 6:37pm
I would suggest Pilot Brothers series, a very old game, but I believe it matches what you want. It's a russian game series, one of the first I ever played in my life actually. I don't know how broken/glitchy it is right now, but it's the first that came to my mind.