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Hello, I'm having issues with my GPU. So I just finished my build and all went well. so I tried to play some games. But some games did not auto-detect my GPU and said 'Unknown GPU card', although I can set the graphic high and play without a problem. '. I already update the AMD driver. and my system detects it.
May 30th 2020 3:30pm
Which games have a problem detecting your GPU (does it happen with every game you've played)? Also small question regarding you OS. Your profile mentions that you're using win 7, is that still the case?
May 30th 2020 4:58pm
for example, i play fallout 4 and it did not detect my gpu. but some other games just detects it. No, i just upgraded to Win10 Pro 64bit. also, why is my win10 booting is taking a long time, not the bios boot, but OS boot where theres a windows logo and small dots moving in circle.
May 30th 2020 7:12pm
Define how long. Does win 10 boot under 1 min, or does it take more time? From what I have researched and from personal experience, the standard win 10 boot time is usually under 1 min (using an HDD). The are examples where it can take anywhere between 1 - 2 min, (on a HDD) depending on what's running in the background. As for the GPU issues, have you tried running the Heaven Benchmark to see if the GPU is operating properly?
May 31st 2020 12:30am
what gpu do you have ? where did you buy it? what is the serial number? does your operating system detect it correctly? please do not let the questions phase you just answer them!
May 31st 2020 5:04am
Like 30 min long at the windows logo with the circles..maybe its my old HDD? since I'm still using my old ones. i didn't have this issues before. My GPU is RX 570 red dragon 4GB, i bought it at the usual PC store. well, my OS detects it, but the games did not . Haven't tried the DDU, but i'll look into it.
May 31st 2020 8:15am
30 min is unheard of. There is definitely a problem. Did the long boot time for win 10 happen from the very beginning, or was it something that happened after a few days? I'd advise to run a scan with Malwarebytes, just to makes sure your PC doesn't have any viruses on it. As for your old HDD, even with it's SATA 2 speed, it shouldn't take 30 min for windows to boot. Give CrystalDiskInfo a try and test your HDD health.
May 31st 2020 10:00am
It wasn't that long at the first time after i installed it, the long boot appeared somewhat on the 3rd time, right now im giving it a try for a few days, today is Day 2. Ok, i will give CrystalDiskInfo a shot, Thanks.
May 31st 2020 10:10am
Hope it's nothing serious, and we'll find the solution soon. In case you'd like to speed up the communication process, check out GDs discord
May 31st 2020 5:24pm
The long boot is most likely the HDDs being old. The fact that your games "don't" auto detect the GPU is normal btw. I have an RX 580 and Fallout 4 gives me the same thing. It's not really a problem, as you said you are getting your expected FPS. It is rather a problem with the games themselves.
Jun 1st 2020 1:34pm
Ok, so I check my HDD with CrystalDIsk, and it says both of my HDD is in good condition. So if I add one M.2 SSD, will it solve the bootup time? or do I need to replace both of my HDD? my old HDD is Seagate Barracuda and Seagate Pipeline HD.
Jun 1st 2020 1:52pm
I believe Windows 10 has not been installed correctly. Either try to repair the install somehow or do a full clean OS reinstall, aka format. I would suggest either System Restore or do a downgrade back to Windows 7 and then install Win10 again. Also, you don't need to buy an SSD if you think it's going to solve the problem. You will need to reinstall Windows on the SSD itself anyway to see any difference, so your problem will (most likely) be fixed just by reinstalling on the HDD. Cheers.
Jun 1st 2020 1:59pm
I see, so most likely the problem is on the OS itself? Damn, means i have to lose all of my app on C: again. Ok, i will try it. Thanks everyone.
Jun 1st 2020 6:06pm
Small tip, for you next install. Format your HDD to have a 2 partitions. 1 for the OS (100GB is enough for it), and a 2nd one for all your apps, games and media.
Jun 4th 2020 4:03am
I finally solved the problem. I just switch to SSD as the boot disk and reinstall my Win 10. and I also update all my drivers and disable all startup programs. Now it only takes seconds to boot. Thanks for your help everyone!
Jun 4th 2020 5:07am
Happy to help.