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So is there any way for me to help in the fact that my SSD is for some reason underperforming not sure how to fix this and whether or not this will have an impact on my system? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated:
May 31st 2020 8:34am
The 4K performance leaves much to be desired. Have you installed the SSD ToolBox and set up over-provisioning?
May 31st 2020 12:38pm
Can't say I knew an SSD toolbox existed lol, where could I find this?
May 31st 2020 1:16pm
It's ADATAs tool. Here's the link.
Jun 1st 2020 1:07pm
it might be windows 10/Microsoft telemetry
Jun 2nd 2020 9:25am
It's possible, tho I personally think it's unlikely.
Jun 2nd 2020 3:27pm
So once I've installed the toolbox, how do I go about over-provisioning?
Jun 2nd 2020 8:48pm
It shouldn't be that obscure, look around in the toolbox menu. If it's a hassle, @ me and I'll send you a link to GDs Discord and well sort out the problem there. It's a lot faster.
Jun 3rd 2020 11:02pm
Well Ihave used the toolbox and optimised the SSD but still seems to be underporforming, might just need to get a new one
Jun 4th 2020 5:20am
Hmmm.... Did the ADATA toolbox give you new firmware for your SSD? Also is your MOBO's BIOS updated on the newest version?