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Hello lads! So i got this external Hard drive plugged in with 2 partitions (F,G). I am having problems formating or even accesing F, I also think that its win10 installed in that partition. Tryed a quick format, through cmd and still nothing. Any help to format it would be apprecieted.
Jun 1st 2020 1:55am
If you're looking to wipe, try CCleaner if you have or don't have it. Go to options tab, and under Settings tab, there's Secure Deletion. Choose the drive and just do a normal file deletion.
Jun 1st 2020 5:58pm
@Zero60 The problem is that the HDD doesnt even show up there, lol.
Jun 6th 2020 9:53pm
you need to check disk management in windows and eventually perform initialization and primary partitioning, if that's a new drive
Jun 6th 2020 9:54pm
if you are 100% sure you want to delete its content completely, use DISKPART via command line in windows
Jun 11th 2020 2:56pm
@tzzsmk The drive doesnt even show in Disk Managmet and yeah, i tried Diskpart too and still nothing. LOL. Weird, aint it? xD
Jun 11th 2020 4:09pm
if it's not shown in diskpart, it's probably dead...
Jun 11th 2020 4:10pm
last time I had similar issue, when Windows 10 bricked my barely year old 860 EVO SSD, I was given new drive within warranty service
Jun 12th 2020 9:38pm
Good thing that one partition is working ig?! LOL @tzzsmk
Jun 13th 2020 2:12pm
hmm that is strange..