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Man selling used 2080Ti is going to be hard as hell if a 500$ GPU outperforms it. If you sell it even for 500$ no one is going to buy it as you could get a better new card for the price, and I feel like no user of 2080Ti is going to want to sell it for anything less than 500$. I bought a used 1080Ti many months ago, but could really go for 3080 once aftermarket cards come out.
Sep 2nd 2020 9:53pm
xD amd fans: smart but poor nvda peeps: slow & cheesy
Sep 3rd 2020 10:33am
Sep 3rd 2020 6:10pm
I read a yt comment how a guy managed to sell his 2080Ti for $1100 USD a few days before the 3XXX released. Guy was lucky as hell.
Sep 3rd 2020 8:58pm
I'm stuck, there is no point upgrading with my CPU
Sep 6th 2020 1:38pm
I agree. You'll still be able to hit 60FPS @ 1440p with mixed high settings in a lot of games tho. I think only the most recent AAA games will present a chalange in that regard. As for upgrading, you have a few options. Get a new/used 3600XT and build your system around it, or wait for the newer CPU's from AMD to get the newest tech.
Sep 10th 2020 8:36pm
I was thinking of moving up to the 3800XT. Gotta save some money though
Sep 10th 2020 10:42pm
If that's the case, you might as well go for the newer AMD CPU's.