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First, define what "mid range gpu" means in your case. I see the GTX 750Ti as a decent and cheap GPU, but it's entry level to me.
Feb 23rd 2016 3:42pm
But to follow up: I think the 750Ti or better the 950 are good entry-level GPUs. Here's how I classify GPUs: 50-200$ Entry Level 200-350$ Mid Range 350-800$ High End 800-XXXX$ Overkill or Professional
Feb 23rd 2016 3:46pm
750Ti: 950: 960: It depends on your budget, but those are good for 100-200$
Feb 23rd 2016 8:14pm
my budget is a bit less than $200
Feb 23rd 2016 11:15pm
@Haris4Real If your budget is little under $200, the get the gtx 950. Your gpu needs to closely match your monitor resolution, gtx 950 is known to work best with a 1080p monitor whereas the gtx 750 ti is best with 900p and lower resolution monitors.
Feb 24th 2016 8:22am
@lemons22 Before buying my GTX 980 I've been running a 1080p display off my (overclocked) GTX 750Ti. It works. You can play most things on medium settings 50-60 fps, but I wouldn't recommend buying "old" hardware anymore. @Haris4Real Do you think you can save up just a bit more.. like 20-30$ more? I'd really advise you to go for the GTX 960 which starts at 210$. Reasons being: 4GB VRAM instead of 2, more power, nicely overclockable.
Feb 24th 2016 10:45pm
i guess i'd be getting a 750Ti, cuz my monitor is 720p
Feb 24th 2016 10:47pm
And what about AMD cards, are good they compared to Nvidia
Feb 25th 2016 8:52am
Well.. in terms of efficency NVIDIA beats ATI any day, although that might change with the new arrivals, but we'll see. Generally speaking AMD ATI cards require more power and are weaker, but also quite a bit cheaper. For example: A GTX 970 beats a R9 380X, but the R9 380X costs 75 bucks less. I guess in your case it'd be more of a R9 380 vs GTX 960 A 750Ti would be plenty for 720p, but don't you think you'll upgrade to 1080p
Feb 25th 2016 8:53am
in the near future? I'd really urge you to go with one of the newer 9-series cards. the 950 at least or the 960. You're not going to regret spending 20 more bucks on 40% better performance.
Feb 25th 2016 8:14pm
won't mind spending 20 more bucks but i need a 1080p monitor first
Feb 26th 2016 8:07am
Don't you think the gpu comes before the monitor? I've been thinking about upgrading to 2x 1440p and a second gtx 980, but no luck so far as I always run out of money before I can amass the sum that is 1300€ : P But in your case.. I guess get the decent GPU first, then find some work over the summer (200 bucks oughta do the job) and buy a decently sized 1080p screen.. probably 27 inches if you can :)