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Welp, since 2019 is close and Widnows 7 support will end in January 14, 2020, I will be slowly transitioning to Linux but haven't decided which distro I should be using I was considering Manjaro or Debian but not really sure, so any recommendations would be helpful.

21:18 12-Nov
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19:32 12-Nov
Gankutsuou avatar

Another thing the Internet killed.

18:41 12-Nov
vickee avatar

GD i need help! Im really confused as i want to buy A new led monitor. Im upgrading from 720p res.also i will buy a new gpu too. So should i buy 1440p 60hz or 1080p 144hz? Mostly i will be playing single players games. Now while chosing a monitor some are TN panel and some are IPS so what should i do?people say get a i

16:56 12-Nov
wolfe1924 avatar

hey all im back ill be around here and there but im first gonna focus on benchmark submissions cause theres 150+ back there

16:08 12-Nov
Andrej997 avatar

Hitman 2 and AC Odyssey are cracked by FCKDRM and CPY respectively

13:34 12-Nov
thunderpn1234 avatar

So my cooler master masterliquid 240 pump failed after a year. I better rma it or just buy an air cooler instead?

11:22 12-Nov
darknatexs avatar

sony, a company who held a company in court to bankrupt them over their emulator and has gone after other emulators uses an open source one for their playstaion classic. nintendo made the emulators for both its classic consoles and charges less than sony does. the irony and hypocrisy of their actions is outstanding.

22:17 11-Nov
ENTLVL820m avatar

https://youtu.be/PZlkDxn9PxU Another spinoff Yakuza game from the PS3 console, can now be played on PC as well using the RPCS3 emulator.

17:37 11-Nov
aadesh avatar

Hitman 2 has been cracked!!

09:54 11-Nov
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That's crazy.
Fallout 76 Day One patch is bigger than the game itself LOL - 51GB Link
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Fallout 76 Day One patch is bigger than the game itself LOL - 51GB Link
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Happy Birthday to one of the best gaming websites on the planet and to our Chief @Felix Keep rocking the world!
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tzzsmk avatar
so, new iPad Pro is faster than XBox One X xD
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20-series cards seem to be breaking down quick... I don't have any artefacting issues as described, but I do sometimes hear rattling noise from one of my cards at a specific fan RPM, signaling the bearings might be going on that one already. All under warranty for the next year, so no biggie, but still...
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Was about to post this
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Metro 2033 free for a very limited. Alan Wake now re-available on Steam and GOG and is on a massive sale
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The Riva Tuner overlay in MSI Afterburner can have a negative impact in performance for Radeon GPUs wccftech.com/does-riva-tuner-statistics-server-overlay-impact-amd-radeon-performance/
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What do we reckon will come first, a game with ray-tracing support or the Windows October update that brings support for ray-tracing finally not wrecking PCs with bugs?
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tzzsmk avatar
lmao another major Windows 10 fail, since the latest major update, unzipping no longer prompts for overwrites when filenames match, people are loosing data again
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New windows 10 build, same junk. ghacks.net/2018/10..
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PS4 users set your messages to private ASAP. vg247.com/2018/10..
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