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3 separate articles for GeForce RTX on the home page. I think I'm gonna be sick
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@info_68117/why-i-turned-down-exclusivity-deal-from-the-epic-store-developer-of-darq-7ee834ed0ac7" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">medium.com/@info_68117/why-i-turned-down-exclusivity-deal-from-the-epic-store-developer-of-darq-7ee834ed0ac7 Definitely do take this with a grain of salt, but it's again Epic doing one thing while saying the other.
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If you see any weird bugs around the site, drop me a message. There's been a few changes behind-the-scenes and a lot of it's been fixed but there are a lot of pages/tools!
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Microsoft is invading user privacy...again... vice.com/en_us/article..
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Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the patriots goes ingame on the ps3 emulator RPCS3. A major milestone in this ps3 emulator's development history. The least we can do here on GD to support the emulator devs is atleast publish an article abt this to inform those eager to play this masterpiece of a game on pc with 60fps as well in future. youtube.com/watch?v=pApg-rvEvxo
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youtu.be/pLAi_cmly6Q Give it a watch guys...the side many of us don't know about
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Does anyone want a Steam coupon '60% off Dead by Daylight For Dying Light owners" Note: You must own Dying Light!
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For those that are interested in selling their used hardware check out the GD's Discord server. Simply say to Discord (in the #introduction section) your general location (example !europe, or !asia) and see if there are any takers. You are welcome to announce your sales on the general_chat in Discord. Don't delay, check out GD's Discord today. Link to GD's Discord.




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