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Alright guys, I have a review code for Pig Eat Ball, it's a nice indie dev game. If anyone of you awesome folks is interested in reviewing it, just drop me a note!
Coverage will go up on the front page ;)

12:57 16-Oct
xquatrox avatar

21:9 Ultrawides are history…Say hello to 32:9!

11:12 16-Oct
Alonzooka avatar

What do you all think of the new RX 590 Leaks? I hear it's actually legit.

20:51 15-Oct
xquatrox avatar

So I finished Just Cause 3 this weekend and…the ending was underwhelming.
Might have something to do with the fact that I fought the boss after I had a fully pimped-out bavarium wingsuit and eDEN Spark… xD
But srs… anti-climactic ending. The game is TONS of fun tho!

14:22 15-Oct
david988 avatar

why is there no news about Code Vein? it was supposed to be out September 28 but now i see that its delayed for 2019..shame i hoped to play that game already

12:21 15-Oct
tzzsmk avatar

lmfao, Microsoft increased Windows 10 Home prices by 40%, lovely, they didn't even bother to officially comment such trickery

09:01 15-Oct
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

Got 82% on my CompTIA A+ international exam part 1 =D =D

05:21 15-Oct
Santi14 avatar

Hi!I'm plannig to buy 2k 144hz monitor!What kind of gpu is enough of this? :D

20:33 14-Oct
theblackwolf avatar

Hey guys, I'm back, sorry for disappearing without saying a word. I just finished my university's 5-week military & national defense training yesterday. Things were pretty rough but I've managed to pull it off. Good to be here again. So, have I missed anything?

10:13 14-Oct
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tzzsmk avatar
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tzzsmk avatar
lmfao, Microsoft increased Windows 10 Home prices by 40%, lovely, they didn't even bother to officially comment such trickery
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tzzsmk avatar
lmao, Microsoft informed me by email they'll delete my OneDrive on 27th October, good to know :P
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nice profile pic xD
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tzzsmk avatar
lmao, so I am on Google blacklist now, pretty much explains why I suffer all the recaptcha issues xD
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tzzsmk avatar
Google+ just shut down? interesting
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tzzsmk avatar
hah so Forza Horizon 4 is downgrade compared to FH3 O.o youtu.be/1tTPC8nQKEQ
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tzzsmk avatar
finally I convinced a website with daily traffic of about 190 000 visitors to get rid of google recaptcha!
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tzzsmk avatar
what an impressive little Windows 10 rig :O
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tzzsmk avatar
Google Recaptcha still broken, I'm starting to hate Google more than Microsoft, seriously
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tzzsmk avatar
hmm this is serious, first successful UEFI virus detected, called LoJax, infiltrates even before Windows boots, antivirus can do nothing, even clean Windows reinstall doesn't help, only motherboard firmware reflash is a solution :/
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tzzsmk avatar
another wave of benchmarks of this fresh hackintosh upgrade, Cinebench CPU score 1256 cb, GPU OpenGL score 120.37 fps not that bad despite my expectations
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hey folks don't hesitate to let us know what you think ;)
Shaheryar avatar
Hey everyone! I am thinking we should have a weekly or bi-weekly feedback session where the community and admins get together to give their opinion regarding how our site as a whole is performing. Your opinion can be about anything from articles to Hardware pages, game pages or any new feature you would want to see. We are starting right now, leave your thoughts in the comments section here and the admins will get back to you folks! Do share this post so that everyone gets to participate!
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hey buddy contact @Felix directly if you wish to cancel your subscription, cheers :)
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tzzsmk avatar
does anyone here have experience with GPU BIOS hacking? I just realized my 980 Ti classy has dual-bios, so I might attempt to tweak things up eventually...
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tzzsmk avatar
whoooaaa so I upgraded my hackintosh to High Sierra, took some time to properly configure all the fancy stuff, now I have overclock and power management fully working and stable, also TRIM now works (which cannot be said even about genuine Macs when third-party drives are used), nVidia drivers even seem to support G-Sync, on MacOS!! ...I have no G-Sync monitor tho...
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tzzsmk avatar
@Jon in fact most hardware is cheap within september/october, best time to build :))
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wolfe1924 avatar
Just want to take a moment to appreciate everyone on this website, i been here since 2014 heck thats a long time but even less then others. Regardless of rank on gd, admin, not admin etc the community has grown and flourished and many new stuff keeps happening and game debate is growing and getting better. Regardless of who you are look at yourself and those around you and pat yourself on the back for making this wonderful website what it is. I noticed especially lately a constructive helpful community keep it up. Good deeds don't go unnoticed.
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tzzsmk avatar
whoa I just noticed there's a new Hiren's Boot CD (the versatile bootable solution for stuck rigs), now based on Windows 10 PE x64, anyone used it yet?
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F U C K you GOOGLE and F U C K your broken reCAPTCHAs, you are plague of the internet and should burn into ashes ffs
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