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xquatrox avatar

So you can enable SLI in MH-World (found the profile on steam forums) and you do get pretty much double the framerate (well, I did anyway) at the expense of some flickering of mainly the sky during certain times of day…

21:28 15-Aug
david988 avatar


23:17 14-Aug
Ecks30 avatar

Ok so i tested out my Ryzen 5 2400G without my 1050 Ti in it just to see how well it would run and after configuring it to run at 2gb Vram i was able to play games like GTA V at an average of 35fps on very high so if i was to have faster memory it might perform better and if i lower the settings to mostly medium with some high settings i could get 60 fps without any problems which to be honest i find this CPU/APU to be good enough for anyone that wants to get into PC gaming but doesn't have a lot of money.

11:43 14-Aug
saarri6 avatar

Holy hell is Heartstone pay2win, just tried it for the first time.

08:32 14-Aug
thecookiemonster avatar

Another reminder that Insurgency is free for 48 hours on Steam. It really is a fantastic little game

07:16 14-Aug
Roley avatar

New Nvidia Video, notice the user names
RoyTeX = RTX
Not_11 = Not 11 series
Mac 20 = 20
Eight Tee = 80

05:37 14-Aug
Roley avatar

Nvidia's new YouTube trailer HEAVILY hints at the announcement of the RTX 2080 on the 20th of August next week :D

04:42 14-Aug
ENTLVL820m avatar

Hey guys. do u know any way to disable windows 10 update permanently. its annoying with its driver updates for wireless and lan drivers which r already working fine and the driver updates windows does r causing the issues. I am not gonna bother with the stuff u could do in device manager for the drivers. I just need to know how to break windows 10 updates as well as the method to fix it back. I am running windows 1803 build for ref's sake.

21:43 13-Aug

GPU Overclocking
Which is Better
Core? or Memory?

18:43 13-Aug
danzas54321 avatar

So i won an i& 8086K in the 40th Anniversary sweepstakes!!!! Arrives soon, going to sell my board ram and cpu to buy a new board and ddr4, plus ill have some change left over ;)

18:36 13-Aug
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Hello Wolfe, Felix hasn't answered me and it's been two days. I am worried that I will be forced to pay another monthly fee for a subscription I asked to get rid of, I was wondering if you could notify him of my request or if you have any control over it?
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Hello wolfe, I am still trying to sync my steam library with no sucess... I would like to meet the person responsible for programming the website. There are some accounts suffering the same issue in this and another sites. I wrote to steam support but they say it's your problem.
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Another reminder that Insurgency is free for 48 hours on Steam. It really is a fantastic little game
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wolfe1924 avatar
just cause 3 is 85% off on steam for those whom may be interested
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wolfe1924 avatar
just cause 3 is 85% off on steam for those whom may be interested
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9.5/10 plagiarism - IGN
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wolfe1924 avatar
youtube.com/watch?v=dt5CNi0aEpI linus tech tips does a new bottlenecking video pairing 6350 ryzen 3 1300x and i7 8700k and gt 1030 gtx 1060 and gtx 1070 titan v its a very good watch actually the difference between some games and optimization and type of games etc even does different resolutions to and lower res is harder on cpu and higher res is harder on gpu go watch it :)
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Hello :) Uploaded a Case Antec Dark Fleet DF500 RGB
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Hello,could you approve my GTX 1080 Gigabyte AORUS 11GBPS edition? I really want that aorus swag on my profile. :P gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N1080AORUS-8GD-rev-10-11#kf Thank you. :)
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ohh your gonna like this steam hardware survey windows 10 is down 2% :P store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/
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im not interested in any of the games but thats very nice of you to gift game codes
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wolfe1924 avatar
so i noticed today i put 400 hours into cities skylines so far it surpassed my civ 5 also what game do you have most hours into? and what keeps yeah playing?
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Please approve my monitors added Acer B236HL 23inch and HP L1730 17inch Thank you!
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I uploaded a monitor bud. dell u2718q
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hay wolf who do i see about getting cell phones added to gd
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i see someone finally approving the ton of waiting approval stuff =D
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ok thanks wolfe1924
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asus 32inch monitor needs aproval
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wolfe1924 avatar
theres a smalltruckload of hardware awaiting approval in the back if you submitted hardware and wish it to be approved provide me the name of it and i will do that for you
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dont spam the shout please i just deleted your 2 posts of the same and left one
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