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tzzsmk avatar

does anyone here have experience with GPU BIOS hacking? I just realized my 980 Ti classy has dual-bios, so I might attempt to tweak things up eventually…

22:19 25-Sep
david988 avatar

preorder Cyberpunk to get this skin :P

20:50 25-Sep
tzzsmk avatar

whoooaaa so I upgraded my hackintosh to High Sierra, took some time to properly configure all the fancy stuff, now I have overclock and power management fully working and stable, also TRIM now works (which cannot be said even about genuine Macs when third-party drives are used), nVidia drivers even seem to support G-Sync, on MacOS!! …I have no G-Sync monitor tho…

18:35 25-Sep
david988 avatar

i am screwed, my uplay account is locked away, thanks to that stupid 2 step authentication i reseted my phone and my 2 step authentication app is reseted as well and i canot get code to sing in to uplay anyway..it was fun till it lasted..

17:35 25-Sep
PhenomFaz avatar

Ray Tracing on my GTX 1060! laptop.


This is a new content format I am trying out and to get your opinion I am doing an OVERWATCH GIVEAWAY. Subscribe & Comment and I will pick a winner on October 7. Hit me up on GD or my email anytime.

12:01 25-Sep
lion94 avatar

RTX 2080 ti vs RTX 2080 vs GTX 1080 ti vs GTX 1080.



09:21 25-Sep
Sarmad2332 avatar

Tiny Bang Story is free right now on Steam. Its a puzzle game

07:38 25-Sep
asadmehmood avatar

Dell Precision T3600 With GTX 1060, 32 GB ram, hows that sound?

02:48 25-Sep
thexawn avatar

You guys think the cheap Dell R7 250s on Ebay are legit?

13:31 24-Sep
CamoFox avatar

Ayy.. next big upgrade will hit my rig soon [3 new parts are on my way!]
Comment, what it should be =)
Hint: See the bottleneck..

Waitin ya guesses :D

02:03 24-Sep
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xquatrox avatar
DOOM gameplay that I recorded this evening. I haven't played the game for a year. Still sorta got it xD
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xquatrox avatar
Selling a pair of GTX 1080 FE cards for £330/ea if anyone's interested.
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xquatrox avatar
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Bro, I can't stop cracking up on how the community is downvoting u abt the arrival of ur 2080Ti cards XD U even have the right to wipe ur own ass with ur cash no one has the right to stop u lol. These ppl...
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xquatrox avatar
Annoyed. Opened the parcel and just got the NVlink... :/ No GPUs to play with and I doubt I'll get one for the weekend :/
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xquatrox avatar
So I was supposed to receive one of the 2080Ti cards today. Delivery was attempted. Unfortunately, my missis texted me "Were you waiting for something today? I Missed my alarm and woke up too late..."... Thanks, honey...
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xquatrox avatar
My 2080Ti order is delayed, got an email from nvidia... Booo! I wanted the cards for the weekend :/
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xquatrox avatar
With all the freakin negativity towards the RTX 20 series going on here and online in general I'm lead to believe that my postman will ring the doorbell, I'll open the door, he'll drop the package on the floor, slap me in the face and yell "RTX is not worth it! 20% this for 150-billion% price that! Pascal was better!" and walk away... XD
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xquatrox avatar
My friend got me to play some Quake Champions after a long hiatus. This is the second match of the day. Some nice frags there and some n00b moments xD
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xquatrox avatar
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xquatrox avatar
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xquatrox avatar
That feeling when you look at your old orders for RAM...64GB DDR4 for £230! Same kit/amount later peaked to nearly £800, now down to around £500-550...
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I've got a weird one here... So I have those new Cambridge AUdio SX-60 speakers. They aren't active, so no amp inside. The only amp I have is intergrated in my subwoofer of my Edifier S730D 2.1 set. So I swapped the edifier satelites for the SX-60s and away I go - sounds good! But when I kill the woofer (separately) - the SX-60s turn out not producing any bass. I can boost the bass on the integrated EQ and they start sorta working, but it's nothing at all what I'd expect from 6.5" mid/bass drivers on those beasts. So I'm assuming that the system is stripping the bass from the satellites so that it can put it through the woofer. Does that sound plausible? I reckon I need a separate amp...
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xquatrox avatar
Got a pair of Cambridge Audio SX-60 speakers from my friends for my birthday. My previous satellites (the small speakers beside the woofer) look tiny next to the SX-60's xD They sound dam good too :)
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It's funny, until you realize it's true... xD
david988 avatar
that witcher show looks promising img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aXx5pn6_460swp.webp
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xquatrox avatar
Today I have become...older...
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xquatrox avatar
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Fuck these people who dare to do such a thing!
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