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Come in, pull up a seat dear friend. This is the place where we’d like you to consider supporting Game-Debate.

GD is editorially independent. We can write about what you want, without any commercial agenda. Unlike other sites, we’ve not used a paywall, keeping our content accessible to everyone. However, ad revenue that keeps our site alive is falling and I increasingly need your help to fund our indie status.

I ask anyone who enjoys GD, and who wants to ensure Game-Debate is here in the future, please consider a $5 or $10 support.

For just $2, you can become a Premium Member, gaining access to extra site features throughout GD. These help you make informed hardware and gaming purchases and can save you money.

What's happening

Even though Game-Debate is one of the most popular websites in the world, it's been a tough few years with hosting and paying to keep GD running and moving forward. As the Internet Overlord *cough* Google *cough* continues to extract its money in more interesting ways; they control the very flow of internet traffic and ads, and then there is the firm hold that ad blockers have.

It’s time to develop for the core GD members

This made me think that this year I’d become even more focused on our community. To try and strengthen what we have and protect GD from disappearing altogether, like so many other sites have.

Every $ you support us with gets 100% used to sustain Game-Debate directly. Your support helps fund server costs, maintain data, improve our editorial investigative reporting, gaming reviews and of course the development of new hardware and game analysis features that can save you money on your next purchases.

Game-Debate is one of the last independently owned gaming tech news sites, as most others have been closed down or sold to large corporations, where they are often turned into soulless cash cows.

BUT, I get that not everyone can financially support Game-Debate and you don't have to in order to help contribute to its well being. You can still become a member for free, but helping others, chatting and being kind to fellow members, or perhaps suggesting to newcomers to drop by for a visit; it all helps.

GD is a friendly place where fellow gamers and techies come together and share knowledge with one another, or just hang out. I am immensely proud of our thoughtful and informative community, which is a world of difference from some of the toxic places we may find online.

Supporters Enjoy Premium Membership

If you can help with Game-Debate’s future survival by contributing a few dollars, it’ll enable me to bypass the dependency on advertising (ads are very low paid). The ad model relies on huge volumes of random user traffic fed to us from Google, where the visitor sees the ads on our site. We then get paid a tiny bit of money if someone clicks on an ad, and this cash is used to pay all of our bills.

Surely the better approach here is for me to build a much cooler experience for the fewer, but more valued site users, like you, who are perhaps willing to spend a couple of dollars and would take greater pleasure and interest in seeing what Game-Debate can become with the right kind of support?

We can continue to grow features that help you communicate with each other, make more informed decisions about your future tech upgrades and encourage more people like you to become a part of one of the friendliest websites in the world.

And with that,

Being a Premium Supporter on GD is just $2. And for that, you get tonnes of added benefits that I have woven throughout the site during years of development.

  • No ads - Premium Supporters can feel guilt free about using ad blocker on Game-Debate, as we remove all the site ads for you anyway. Not a Premium Supporter? Please consider disabling adblockers on our site or switching to Premium.
  • Advanced performance calculations - Improved Premium only FPS tools, graphics setting FPS results, screen resolution FPS, quick performance calculations, FPS charts etc
  • Improved community features - Prominent commenting, username and profile customisation, instant commenting, increased comment character count.

Thanks for your continued support of GD, with each one of you helping where you can we will continue to make GD a special place for us all.

Hugs, Felix

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  • Access Premium features - tools, benchmarks, frame rates across whole site
  • Premium Member Badge on Game-Debate
  • Early beta access to new site features
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