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Apps for everyone and everything

Windows 8 includes apps to meet all needs. A very well designed news app, which lets you choose different fonts and themes; a music app, with hundreds of free-to-access songs; a travel app, which suggests different destinations and lets you choose the one you like best; and, of course, Internet Explorer 10 and SkyDrive, one of the best cloud-storage apps around, with 7 GB of space.

Plus, with Windows 8 you can download any app from either the store or the browser. Search, select and download - it's that easy.

Microsoft Office 2013 included

The bq Tesla W8 brings you Windows’ most popular program package, allowing you to use the latest versions of Word, Excel and Power Point (among others) in total comfort and with great usability. You can use your tablet to work on your projects, presentations or databases wherever you are and whenever you like, with no need for Internet connections. Your bq Tesla W8 also comes with a full, lifetime Office 2013 licence (Home and Student edition).

Paint and Quick Notes

Discover how easy it is to work with Paint on a tablet. Draw or write directly onto the screen of your bq Tesla W8 in order to obtain results that are much more professional than anything you’d achieve with a computer.

With the Quick Notes app, you can write down your appointments or any useful info and they’ll appear on the screen the next time you access the Desktop mode. Now you won’t miss a thing!

Windows Media Player

Manage and enjoy your audiovisual collection with the classic Windows Media Player. If you have files stored on your smartphone or computer, you can play them directly on the bq Tesla W8 by simply making a quick connection, or create your own playlist and stop worrying about which file to pick next.
More Windows

The bq Tesla W8 runs on Windows 8. This latest version of the Windows operating system includes its own anti-virus and anti-malware software, giving you total security. Windows 8 also consumes far fewer resources than its predecessor, meaning the system works more efficiently and battery life is prolonged. Plus, start-up and shut-down speed is much faster and compatibility with the latest peripherals is greatly improved. The bq Tesla W8 will connect faultlessly to your printer or smartphone, allowing you to discover all that Windows 8 has to offer.

A very personal interface

Modern UI is the new interface for Windows 8, designed specifically for touchscreen devices. The result is a simple, attractive and intuitive user experience that you can customise however you like. Resize apps, move them around or switch off animation: you decide.

Total synchronicity

Windows 8 offers complete, built-in synchronisation, whether it’s between two devices or between the device and its apps. Link more than one device to the same Microsoft account to transfer any information you wish between them, or synchronise your device and your favourite apps in order to get the most out of them.

Access to the Windows Store

Windows 8 boasts its own store, where you can access hundreds of free apps for Modern UI and the Desktop – and all of which offer you the most complete user experience possible. Enjoy the true essence of Windows like never before.

The Windows Desktop on your tablet

If you’re accustomed to the classic Windows Desktop, you’ll be pleased to know you can access it by simply pressing the Desktop option, located in your widgets and direct-access menus. In the Desktop you’ll find (among other things) Internet Explorer 10, My Documents and all the apps you want to install there.

CPU, screen, memory

Intel processor up to 1.8 GHz. Two cores that work like four

The bq Tesla W8 has an Intel® Atom™ Z2760 processor, which runs at speeds of up to 1.8 GHz and boasts HyperThreading technology. The processor has two cores, each with two threads, and because more than one thread can be executed in each core, the system uses processor resources much more efficiently. This helps optimise the overall performance of programs with numerous sub-processes, and for many tasks the user experience is comparable to that of a quad-core system.

Speed and efficiency

The bq Tesla W8’s 2 GB of RAM optimise multi-tasking. Apps are quick to open and exceptionally responsive, allowing you to download files and stream videos simultaneously or even browse the Internet while listening to music – all without skips or interruptions!

Super screen

The bq Tesla W8 boasts an IPS HD screen, which offers a wider chromatic range while respecting the original tones and intensities of the image. Plus, its 170-degree viewing angle means you’ll have a perfect view of the screen from any position, with no blind spots.


The bq Tesla W8’s 10.1 inch screen makes life easy. You can read without straining your eyes or zooming in, or enjoy your favourite movies and videos without missing a single detail. And using Microsoft Office is so comfortable and convenient on a screen of this size.

1280 x 800 px

A resolution of 1280 x 800 px means your movies and videos can be played at high resolution. Images are well-defined and text is super-sharp.


16:10 is the ideal aspect ratio for video files. Your movies and videos will be shown full-screen. Plus, if you use the tablet in portrait format to browse the Internet or read, you’ll find the viewing format matches the content perfectly.

Designed to be comfortable, lightweight and easy to handle

The bq Tesla W8 boasts a highly comfortable design. Its right angles facilitate easy handling and positioning. And although the Tesla W8’s 10.1 inch screen is impressively large, it weighs just 650 g, meaning it’s light enough to take anywhere.

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BQ Tesla W8 Technical Specifications
Tablet Length
Tablet Width
Tablet Depth
Tablet Weight
Display Width
Display Height
Pixels Per Inch
Tablet Details
1280 pixels
800 pixels
150 PPI
Operating System
Current OS
CPU Name
CPU Cores
CPU Speed
Standby Time
Talk Time
Tablet Tech & Charge Times
Windows RT
Windows 8
Intel Atom Z2760
2 core[s]
2 GB
0 hours
External Storage
Internal Storage
Frequency Bands
MP3 Player
MP3 Ringtones
MP3 HeadPhone
Storage & Multimedia
Tablet Connectivity
Front Camera
Video Player
Image Editing
Touch Screen
Capacitive TS
Gorilla Glass
Camera & General Details
2 megapixels
Work in USA
Voice Dial
PC Connection
Instant Message
Tablet Business Features
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