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With built-in Dolby

Enjoy extraordinarily immersive, distortion-free sound. With built-in Dolby, lower frequencies seem sharper and dialogues appear cleaner and noise-free, while you can even adapt the various audio profiles to suit your activity and adjust the volume level to your liking. All this, combined with the Mali 400 graphics processor, means gaming on the bq Maxwell 2 Quad Core is a truly spectacular experience.


Designed to be functional

For a tablet to have great functionality, size and weight are important but design is the main factor. That’s why the bq Maxwell 2 Quad Core’s On/Off button and volume controls are located in the top right corner of the device, where you’d instinctively expect to find them.

All the connectors are located on the left, so they don’t get in the way when you’re using the tablet while charging it or listening to music through your headphones.

The finish of the casing improves adherence and stops it from sliding out of your hands, as well as being more resistant to scratching. Plus, the bezel is exactly the right size to minimise the tablet’s dimensions while ensuring your finger doesn’t stray onto the screen when you hold it.

7”, 360 g


7 inches, 360 grams and designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand: the bq Maxwell 2 Quad Core is the ideal tablet if mobility is your number-one priority. Because updating your profiles, checking your e-mail, reading articles online or watching your favourite movies is so much easier when you have your tablet with you 24 hours a day.

4,300 mAh battery / Energy-saving system

More fun for more hours

Sometimes, the full power of the processor isn’t needed for lighter tasks. That’s why bq has designed an energy-saving system that reduces CPU performance for activities that require fewer resources. Combined with a readjustment of display brightness levels, you could extend battery life by up to 20-25%. Activate this feature and enjoy more hours of watching movies, using your favourite apps, commenting on Facebook, chatting, reading books, playing Triviados… more hours of fun that consume less battery life and let you go for longer between charges.


Power at your service

Size doesn’t reflect power. Thanks to its four processor cores, running up to speeds of 1.6 Ghz, the bq Maxwell 2 Quad Core boasts minimal response time, super-fast browsing and extremely fluid multimedia playback. Even multitasking is fast and responsive. CPU operation is optimised even further thanks to the use of eMMC internal memory, a new standard that frees up CPU power by handling storage management autonomously. And all this comes with a much longer battery life, thanks to the CPU’s base architecture designed to minimise energy consumption.

7” HD IPS screen

HD IPS screen. Small, but perfectly formed

An IPS screen is an amazing experience. Colours are richer and more vibrant than on other LCD screens, with tones that respect the intensity of the original image without degrading and are neither pallid nor over-saturated. This translates into photos and videos that appear sharper, deeper and free from chromatic distortion. And as an IPS screen has higher resolution and contrast levels than other screens, text is better-defined, too.

The panoramic 16:10 format offers the very best multimedia experience. Videos make full use of the display format and occupy the entirety of the screen, without any black bars at the edges.

LCD screens suffer from a reduced viewing angle. When you incline the tablet, the content on the screen is no longer visible. However, the bq Maxwell 2 Quad Core boasts an IPS screen with a 178-degree viewing angle, meaning you can see what’s on the screen from any position: lying down, leaning over or laying back.
Operating system

Android 4.2

Improved control gestures

You can pull down the notifications bar by swiping the upper left-hand area of your tablet’s screen with your finger. Swipe the right-hand area to pull down a panel of general system settings.

Widgets on the lock screen

Place your favourite widgets on the lock screen so that you can access them directly, without having to enter your unlock pattern or password.
Share your tablet with your family and friends easily and securely. The multi-user option offered by Android 4.2 lets you create up to three different accounts on the same device, so that different users can customise it to their liking with their own accounts, apps and wallpaper.
Type by swiping your finger across the screen. The system automatically forms the words and inserts spaces wherever needed.
Total integration

The bq Maxwell 2 Quad Core’s system of updates has been designed from scratch by bq. It is an OTA (Over The Air) system that alerts you when a new update is available and allows you to install it directly onto your tablet. Both the OTA system and the updates are developed by bq’s team of engineers, ensuring full integration between the updates and the firmware.

Only the essential apps

bq tablets only include the essential apps. We don’t add bloatware that consumes resources and is of no use to you. Your device, your apps.



Share content on your bq Maxwell 2 Quad Core with other devices quickly and easily. Activate Bluetooth on both devices, synchronise them and voila! You can transfer any files in a matter of seconds – with no need for cables or Internet connections.


Make your bq Maxwell 2 Quad Core even more interactive by connecting peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard or 3G modem to its MicroUSB-OTG port.

Who was James Clerk Maxwell?

“The work of James Clerk Maxwell changed the world forever”. Albert Einstein.

Edinburgh (Scotland), 13 June 1831
Cambridge (England), 5 November 1879

Maxwell achieved what is considered the second great unification in physics. He collated all the theories, experiments and laws that had been formulated to date on electricity, magnetism and optics and created a single, unified theory demonstrating that electricity, magnetism and light are all manifestations of the same phenomenon: the electromagnetic field.

Quoted from:

BQ Maxwell 2 Technical Specifications
Tablet Length
Tablet Width
Tablet Depth
Tablet Weight
Display Width
Display Height
Pixels Per Inch
Tablet Details
1024 pixels
600 pixels
169 PPI
Operating System
Current OS
CPU Name
CPU Cores
CPU Speed
Standby Time
Talk Time
Tablet Tech & Charge Times
4.1 Jelly Bean
Cortex A9 Dual Core up to 1,6 GHz
4 core[s]
1 GB
0 hours
External Storage
Internal Storage
Frequency Bands
MP3 Player
MP3 Ringtones
MP3 HeadPhone
Storage & Multimedia
2 bands
Tablet Connectivity
Front Camera
Video Player
Image Editing
Touch Screen
Capacitive TS
Gorilla Glass
Camera & General Details
Work in USA
Voice Dial
PC Connection
Instant Message
Tablet Business Features
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