BQ Curie 2 Quad Core 16 GB
BQ Curie 2 Quad Core 16 GB Release Date
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BQ Curie 2 Quad Core 16 GB Review


Quad Core Cortex up to 1.6 GHz

A Quad Core processor means an extraordinary leap forward in performance. The bq Curie 2 Quad Core has a Quad Core Cortex CPU that runs at speeds of up to 1.6 GHz, making the tablet even faster and more responsive. Plus, thanks to its specially adapted architecture and Android 4.2 to make optimum use of the quad core processor, the user experience is nothing less than spectacular.

Listen to music while playing games, browse the Internet without interruption and download and run the most demanding apps, all at a truly breathtaking speed.

  • The Quad Core Cortex processor, which runs at speeds of up to 1.6 GHz, is made to be energy-efficient. Its high performance does not come at the expense of battery life.

Mali 400 up to 600 MHz

Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, with a huge variety of effects and a much wider range of colours. The bq Curie 2 Quad Core’s 600 MHz GPU gives improved performance and fluidity, which translates into an improved user experience with even the most graphically demanding games.

8” IPS screen

Optimum size, maximum portability

On an IPS screen colours appear more vibrant, tones are truer to their original intensity and text is much better defined. Colours are neither faded nor artificially saturated and respect the original tones, resulting in photos and videos that look totally real.

No blind spots

IPS screens boast a 178° viewing angle, meaning you can view content perfectly from any position: lying down, leaning back or on your side.

8 inches

If 7 inches aren’t quite enough but a 10-inch device is just too big, 8 is the perfect size for you. Light enough to hold, but without sacrificing screen area.


On a screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio, browsing and reading are optimised and the user experience is more complete. It’s the ideal format for surfing the net and reading. And with the bq Curie 2 Quad Core’s high-definition 1024 x 768 px resolution, you won’t miss a single detail

Independent storage

The performance of your bq Curie 2 Quad Core is improved even further with the use of eMMC internal memory. This new storage standard makes life easier for the CPU by managing storage operations independently, which allows the CPU to focus on other tasks and thereby optimises the overall performance of your tablet.

Double the capacity, double the effectiveness

The bq Curie 2 Quad Core boasts 2 GB of RAM, meaning multi-tasking is optimised and system management is more effective. Memory-hungry apps run more smoothly and data processing is so much faster.
Energy-saving battery

5000 mAh battery with energy-saving mode

bq tablets incorporate an energy-saving mode, designed and developed by our team of Spanish engineers. This mode slows down the CPU for tasks that require less computing power, which significantly extends the battery life without causing a reduction in performance. Together with a readjustment of screen brightness levels, the energy-saving mode can extend your battery life by 20-25%.
Operating System

Improved control gestures

You can pull down the notifications bar by sliding a finger across the upper left-hand area of your tablet’s screen. Slide a finger across the lower right-hand area to pull up a panel of general system settings.

Keyboard for gesture-based typing

Write by swiping your finger across the screen in a single unbroken movement. The keyboard is able to detect your words and inserts spaces wherever they are needed.

Widgets on the lock screen

Place your favourite widgets on the lock screen so that you can access them directly, without having to enter your unlock pattern.

Multi-user support

Sharing your tablet with your friends or family is now convenient and secure. Android 4.2's multi-user option allows you to create as many accounts as you like on a single device, so that different users can personalise them by adding their own accounts, apps and wallpaper. Plus, children's accounts can be configured by an adult to guarantee the security of the youngest users.
Curie 2 3G Quad Core

Unlimited connectivity with 3G

Manage your profiles, check your e-mail, read the latest news online, chat with your friends and stream your favourite series and movies: all this, whenever you want, wherever you want. Thanks to its 3G connectivity you’ll get the most out of your tablet wherever you are, without having to hunt around for Wi-Fi networks.

GPS and GLONASS technology

Although the GPS can detect the device’s geographical location, the tablet also has a built-in eCompass, a digital compass that informs the GPS which direction the tablet is facing, which enables the navigator to specify precisely which route should be taken.

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BQ Curie 2 Quad Core 16 GB Technical Specifications
Tablet Length
Tablet Width
Tablet Depth
Tablet Weight
Display Width
Display Height
Pixels Per Inch
Tablet Details
1024 pixels
768 pixels
160 PPI
Operating System
Current OS
CPU Name
CPU Cores
CPU Speed
Standby Time
Talk Time
Tablet Tech & Charge Times
4.2 Jelly Bean
Cortex A9 Quad Core up to 1,6 GHz
4 core[s]
Mali 400
2 GB
7 hours
5 hours
External Storage
Internal Storage
Frequency Bands
MP3 Player
MP3 Ringtones
MP3 HeadPhone
Storage & Multimedia
2 bands
Tablet Connectivity
Front Camera
Video Player
Image Editing
Touch Screen
Capacitive TS
Gorilla Glass
Camera & General Details
2 megapixels
Work in USA
Voice Dial
PC Connection
Instant Message
Tablet Business Features
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